Homeless dog got hit by car and was too scared to let us help.

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Thank you so much for sharing our videos! Because of you, more and more homeless dogs and cats are spotted by people who know our rescue videos, and many more lives are saved.

Lenny wouldn’t have survived out there… his injury was terrible, his leg was necrotic and I can’t imagine the pain he experienced. The rescue was completed successfully and that was just the beginning of a long journey. Thanks to your donations, we are able to provide so many animals with the best medical care and thanks to the amazing and dedicated team at CARES, Lenny got to keep his leg.

I really want to add another rescue team here and for that, I need your support. We need to add more recurring donors so I’ll know I will be able to pay the additional medical bills for the larger number of animals we’re hoping to rescue.

If you can, please join us today with a small recurring donation:

Lenny is now in a foster home with our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue and I will need your help once again with finding him a home. If you know anyone in California, please share the video with them; even if they are not looking to adopt, maybe they know someone who does.

Our ability to continue rescuing depends on our ability to find all these animals loving forever homes (because it clears a space at the foster home).

To apply to adopt Lenny, please visit:



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Diane Desrosiers says:

I hate music. Disturbing. That all. No need.

Cynthia Hawkins says:

This one was nothing short of a miracle. Bravo, guyz!!!!

Dorothy Elizabeth says:

Lenny looked exhausted, the poor guy. Loved how he looked after a decent sleep, wash, food and love. I have downloaded the app.

Navajo Auckland says:

dems be da reeaaaallll ghettos

Maura Braga Kanno says:

É um trabaho lindo de resgate que vcs fazem parabéns

frankie wells-pullins says:

Thak you so much for helping this poor baby. GOd Bless.

David Pagel says:

Dr. Eldad, the doctor of dogtology rescue, friend to animals everywhere.

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