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Let’s talk about one way to potentially find 100%-400% option trades. Finding options that may profit big can be done with technical analysis, fundamental analysis etc. but this is another way that a lot of people find option trades that may profit big. I plan on making videos covering topics such as dividends, day trading, swing trading, penny stocks etc. in the future. Enjoy!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser nor a paid advertiser of Robinhood. This is solely my opinion and made for entertainment purposes only, if you plan on investing consult with a professional and invest at your own risk. This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you.

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TechConversations says:

What topic would you like me to talk about next?

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david payne says:

SNAP….44k puts 8/20 exp is an $8K hedge… which if SNAP falls to that level it's a $541M boon!…DANG!!! $8K to potentially make $541M…can you say "schools out forever, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks…Schools been blown to pieces"… That's 1/2 a B…B

Raymond Khan says:

Thanks, appreciate it.

Trading Mind says:

unusual is more speculation…Hit or Miss lotto..

Jordan White says:

I really need Help with Options plays. Please

Samantha Aubrey says:

venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine ,you would need a miracle, that's why I trade with Mrs Luna lucia, her skills set exceptional.

Humphrey K says:

The trading market is constantly evolving with new features, trading opportunities, financial swings with sudden surprises around every corner. The best thing is to stay in shape and don’t let anything catch you on the wrong foot.

Andrei Muster says:

TAL call option in barchart is sell or buy a call option?

Michael Qin says:

Nice resource. Would you mind recommending an option trading strategy for different unusual options activities? Just for educational purpose. Thanks,

The King says:

Is the S&P 500 the safest call option?

DannyIsOnFire17 ! says:

Wow. I never knew this. This is a great tool to confirm what you believe. Because if you believe it and many others do too… at the end of the day, it’s the people who move the market

niZmo says:

This channel never disappoints. Learning so much from here

A Better You says:

Made 40% day trading MARA. Glad I took profits before market close. It is now down 4%. Dodged a bullet.

slayerdave says:

If the volume is unusually high and the open interest is low is it safe to assume the high volume went towards buying the option in question? And conversely, of the volume is high and open interest is high does that mean a lot of options were opened in short positions?

J-Wine says:

You are the options king on helping us. Appreciate your guidance and tips. I learned options from you. You help make it easy to understand

KG says:

Thank you for sharing the unusual options category

Melich Blis says:

Most newbies usually undermine and neglect  the importance of a technical analysis with regards to trading . Technical analysis overly predict the movement of assets price regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market . Essentially.the education involves studying the paths of a particular asset movement in this past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movement of an asset doing technical analysis can be quiet different  which is why most newbies /trader's neglect day trading/ stock coin / meta5  and sticks to holding which is very dangerous as when the market goes bearish , advise any newbies/ trader's to buy the dip for trader' who are still wondering to enter the market or old time trader who  are Holder's to seek help from not just any trader but  established tradeing expert with at list 98% trade level , if it happens you Don't know of any den I will boldly recommend you to my mentor Mr Donna , I'll drop his mail below so any one can contact him for any help .

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