What I Wish I Knew Before Studying Biomedical Science (UK)

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Whats up guys! My name is Kenji and I am currently a medical student at King’s College London after graduating from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science (BMedSci). In this video, I talk about the things that I wish I knew before starting biomedical science in the UK.

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Kenji Tomita says:

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Letty says:

I did biomedical science route human biology and I look back and think how on earth did I do that! It was crazy…..good luck to all who venture this way. And btw, it's bloody hard core!

Wassup Peeps says:

Did you do part time jobs during your bachelor degree?

jojo 123 says:

Thank you very much indeed this was so helpful

Elisha Aldcroft says:

The Power of Now <3<3<3

Braa Moayed says:

Hello I have applied for a biomedical science but i am still not sure if is if the right course for me. I want to work as a laboratory technician I mean I want to be the person who takes the blood and fluids samples from the nurses and analysis it to help the doctors to diagnose the disease is biomedical science the right course for what I want? In my contry we call it pathological analysis but in the Uk i am so confusing I don't know if it is biomedical science or not please help!

Mohammed A says:

What career can you get from Biomedical science. I’m going to University next year. I want to do immunology in future. My course is a BSc Hons and has over 50% coursework.

Shamly vk says:

actually iam so confused to choose what now, i was preparing for medicine entrance exam, but i get really interested in biomedical science, but i like medicine too, but whatever path i choose, i want to become researcher so i think it would be better if i take biomedical science and i dont know which university i should choose, it would mean a lot if you could help me . it is a big question that remains in me, i want more research based and genetics pathology so on i guess. actually i want to cancer research

CookingMadeSimple says:

Can you tell me your academic journey please! So did you do a three year graduate in biomed and now studying 5 year medicine?

Andrea Faaaci says:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I appreciate it and i hope you’re having a good day!❤️

Lewis Bevis says:

Hey so I am leaving it very late to apply to university. I have had a lot of technical issues as of recently and have had to restart my whole application. I have an AWFUL habit of leaving assignments to the last minute. I will give myself the day of or the day before before I start work on the assignment. I have always done well doing it this way which isnt good. I'm doing a level 3 extended diploma in animal management but we do a lot of science stuff. Just worried about being able to complete the course. I'm going to go for a foundation year. I think it would be awesome to do a PhD in science but have no idea if I'm good enough. I'm good at manual labor and working to a deadline that's about it

charnique nell says:

I'm considering Biomedical science as a occupation for the future. my math skills however isn't the best. If anyone could help me by answering if mathematics is important for this course/degree I would truly appreciate it.

Fries says:

I've been offered a place in college for biomedical science. I'm kind of stressed as it's the level 3 extended diploma instead of an A level :,)

Reg Matshiya says:

Hey I wanted to ask if you thought there were other alternatives science degrees that can lead into medicine, I was looking at biomedical science but also noticed that some universities accept other degrees such as neuroscience, medical pharmacology and BioChemistry
I wanted know if you thought these were as credible as Biomedical Science or if Biomedical Science is likely the most reputable of the medical sciences degree that can be used for graduate entry into medicine ?

Shola Nussey says:

Amazing video! Starting in September at Uni of Manchester hopefully x

not my real name says:

I m studying engineering, why am I here?

Lea Sofie says:

This was so helpful!! Thank you so much :))

Hashim Amin says:

How can you prepare for an interview from uni or how did you prepare

HJ says:

how many times did you apply before getting accepted into graduate entry med? and what did you do for PS sports and societies and work experience etc

C says:

how frequent are the presentations, and how big are ur class sizes? are these presentations in groups or by yourself?

ErA Megga says:

Me watching this at 14

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