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I created this FREE download to help you find the right interior design school and organize the answers to your most pressing design school questions.

►F R E E D O W N L O A D:

*Please note this list represents the 2019 list of most-admired Interior Design Programs and does not currently account for any changes that have been made in the rankings since 2019.

Source – DesignIntelligence Rankings:


00:00 Intro
01:36 What you’ll learn in this video
01:47 Fashion Insitute of Technology
03:04 Auburn University
03:40 Kansas State University
04:07 University of Cincinnati
04:20 Cornell University
04:40 Wine Break 🙂 Wine I’m drinking:
05:48 Upcoming Product
06:22 New York School of Interior Design
06:59 Parsons School of Design
07:21 Rhode Island School of Design
08:10 Pratt Institue
09:01 Savannah College of Art & Design
09:43 Special note about accredited schools
12:38 Conclusion
13:52 Put a Ring on it!

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Valerie Alencar says:

I just started with New York institute art & design. For interior design and they also have to make the exame exactly what u explain.

Nicole kouture says:

NYC school of design stay away perv city

Alicen Jade says:

What is your opinion on getting a masters in interior design? I’ve been thinking about but idk if it’s worth it.

Loymburia‘s says:

Hi,do you know any College or any University that offers online interior Design courses?

Carla Smith says:

Anyone in the comments know why Parsons would be a good choice although it’s not accredited Im accepted but don’t know if I should just stick to NYSID or FIT or SVA

Ines Quintanar says:

Hello! I had a question,
Could I still obtain jobs if the community college that offers the "Interior Design" degree in my state is not accredited by CIDA?

Liz Howard says:

Wow! You did a great job on compiling this list. At some point you should do a video on the difference between interior design vs interior decorating. So many people refer to themselves as interior designers when they are really decorators. HUGE difference. In many states it is illegal to call yourself a designer without the proper education and accreditation. I am still confused between a “real” designer vs architect. GarretLaChic (another cool you tuber) is also a “real” designer like you. I made the same suggestion to him about doing a video explaining the difference. Maybe you two can do one together.

Dani Leigh says:

I’m in the FIT Interior Design program. I absolutely love it & they have a summer class for high school students wanting to apply to the ID program to help build a strong portfolio!

Sandy Saintilus says:

Thank you for watching! Is the FREE DOWNLOAD helpful to you?

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