The Truth About Weight Loss and Breastfeeding

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In todays video, I really wanted to talk about a topic that I do not see a lot of people talking about. For me, I really thought breast feeding meant weight loss but I was so wrong haha. In this video, I will be explaining why and showing you how I current look at 5 months postpartum.

When I stop breastfeeding, I am looking forward to seeing what happens to my body with the hormonal changes.

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Laura MacNeil says:

I could never loose weight when I was nursing. Some bodies hold onto it as a coping mechanism.

Pooja Chandra says:

hi holly i am shocked by one thing how are you maintaing your body even though you have given born to a child and taking care of your family really you are a super super women it is amazing

Balachandr says:

Hi holly how are you u and your baby are so beautiful I love both of u all the best holly and happy journey

Lidia Kuhn says:

It takes9 months of gaining weight during the pregnancy, it is easier for most women to gain weight than to loose weight. So for sure it is going to take at least more time to loose it, and even more when you are nursing . Your baby is beautiful, and you look terrific already after just 5 months. Enjoy your baby and the weight will come off slowly. Give it at least 9-12 months. ❤️.

Drew Beaulieu says:

I breastfeed my daughter for a year. The weight fell off me after I delivered her. With my son though, I lost weight quickly then was stuck at about 8-10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I just stopped breastfeeding him last week at 11 months, and I have already seen changes to my body! I listened to my body when I was hungry while breastfeeding and ate as needed. I will always cherish my breastfeeding journeys and I am so proud of my body for what it has accomplished!

Kala Aicher says:

Thank you so much for this! ❤️ I am one year into breastfeeding and the weight is so hard to get off no matter what I do! This makes me feel so much better!

Angelika Galezowska says:

I am not sure if you can Holly but I'd love to know where you buy your outfits. especially long sleeves ones or those that don't go like tank top (more like straight like a standard bra) on the shoulders as I cannot wear tank ones.
Would appreciate your tips a lot! Nice seeing sun in your newest videos! here in Sweden is snowing right now! Happy Easter Holidays 🙂

Ashley Martinez says:

When your breastfeeding your body stores fat ,once you stop you will loss weight that your body was storing

Lauren Smitter says:

You look incredible. Your weight number is not everything. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Sleep deprivation is no joke. You look awesome. My little boy is 6 now and it was so hard until he was in preschool. You look incredible so don't be discouraged.

Theresa Roots says:

I have two beautiful boys but until my hormones were back in check (about 6 months after stopping breastfeeding) there was no way to lose the weight. After that it just left on its own. Everybody is different but for me and those I know breastfeeding did not help lose weight like some people say. Totally the opposite

Suus le Bruin says:

You still look amazing !!! Take your time, your baby is so adorable ☺️

Rebecca Lankford says:

Holly weirdos put unrealistic expectations on women after child birth to look like an early teen or young twenty something.

Your body is in a constant state of change.

Having children, multiple, changes your body.

Aging and hormone changes, and menopause, changes your body.

Stress changes your body. Life changes.

Divorce, death, loss, seperation and empty nest all change you.

Life is a constant change till death.
Who know after that.

Be the best you NOW.
NOW is all you have.
Do what you can now and do not put too much pressure on your self.

Your interpersonal relationships quality is what's truly important in life, as lonleyness kills.

Balance is the challenge and key. Take breaks to reflect and move foward.

Best wishes and congratulations on the new baby.

Enjoy the moments.
Good memories are in the making.

Victoria Lynn says:

I just had my baby five months ago and I lost all of the baby weight in about five days. I was so happy and excited but then I started to gain weight breastfeeding. A LOT of weight. I just haven't been able to lose it and I've always been naturally skinny and I've never had to diet so I'm completely out of my comfort zone and all that does is increase my stress about my body. I constantly feel hungry and I have little self control. I just eat and then feel bad about eating and eat some more to help with the shame and it just cycles. This video helped me to somewhat understand what is really happening to me and I want to thank you for letting me know I'm not alone.

cristina eggart says:

You have to be patient, we women put too much pressure on ourselves because all the myths and unrealistic expectations from media and celebrities. It takes nine months to create life, it has to be the same amount of time to recover your body. There are no magic tricks, diets nor exercises, in fact , rushing the process can lead to permanent injuries from breast tissue to pelvic floor. Enjoy maternity, eat healthy, drink a lot of fluids (specially water and teas, anise tea, great for breast milk) sleep when you can , take long walks with your baby and your body will bounce back,…

Amber Lonsdale says:

Love that you are open with your journey….I only wish you were doing this 11 years ago when I had my first babe and breastfeeding. But I still love it watch it and support it all! Thank you for inspiring us women in any phase of our lives❤

Agnieszka Polac says:

I remember reading somewhere that the weight we put on in pregnancy, later on our body uses to create milk;)

nicole sanchez says:

I am a happy mommy of a 15 months baby boy. When he was 12 days old i started to look almost the same in my pre prego clothes, but i had almost no milk and my boyfriend made eat a lot even if i was not hungry, bc he believed that doing that i would produce more milk and after that i gained weith again, like 5 or 6 kilos more over the 3 kilos i still has to loose, then i started to loose it somehow, now i still have 2 or 3 kilos more to loose but i feel my body so different and still have cravings. I hope the cravings stop when i stop breastfeading. Planning to do it all this year bc of f%$uing corona, since our milk nourishes our babies really well. Meanwhile i enjoy breastfeeding him even during the night. Dont know how but somehow the body gets used to live sleep deprived. At least mine. Good vibes to everybody that is trying to come back to their pre baby body, try not to be bad with yourself and look at the miaacle ou have on your side now . =)

Peh Soon says:

the little angle's smile was really melt me….

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