Choosing a Forex Broker | MUST WATCH! Everything You Should Know About Regulated/Unregulated Brokers

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Choosing a Forex Broker! This is a must watch video as it details everything you need to know about a regulated & unregulated broker. In this video, I break down the pros & cons of both, and which route you ultimately should take. I also talk about certain projects that are taking place towards the end of the video. Look below for the timestamps.


0:00 – 0:55: WE’RE BACK
1:02 – 19:32: BROKERS
19:33 – 20:42: SCAMMERS
20:43 – 21:04: SECURE THE SWAG EPISODE 8
22:37 – 26:13: SWAG ACADEMY 2.0: September 8th

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. The videos on my channel are for educational and entertainment purposes only. This channel demonstrates how I invest and day trade, but does not suggest that a viewer of this channel should use any particular strategy. Investing of any kind involves risk, and past results are no indication of future performance. Your investments are solely your responsibility and not mine. While day trading can bring serious gains, it can (and often does) also bring a likelihood of serious losses! If you decide to invest, make sure you do your own research to fully understand the commodity class and the operation of the market before doing so. You could sustain a loss excess of your initial investment and therefore should not invest money that you can’t afford to lose. The fluctuation of the market can work for you or against you. You should carefully consider your investment objectives and experience before deciding to trade in the market. Again, what you invest in is solely your responsibility. Videos and written descriptions are © 2020, Christopher Williams, all rights reserved.


AndrewTheSage says:

i paid and finished teir one..Chris is so on point with the way he teaches that a novice or beginner will learn something. He is one of the best young Forex teachers i have ran across and im 39.

Brian Moore says:

Umm no! Many use those brokers. When you pay your taxes Uncle Sam doesn’t give a damn! I love my 500 leverage. F what you heard! Lol

Dave Trent says:

Offshore is fine if you pick the right one

Rohan C Thompson says:

Great video!

David Vargas says:

im so interesting of that, i love your channel

Emmanuwil Simon says:

We need part 2 boss

Carol Johnson says:

Great video! Blessing for taking care of your Mom!

munashe chitoro says:

to be honest thank you .. i was unaware about this ..i know a guy who failed to withdraw his profits because he was making a lot of money and i was actually wondering why the broker would do that and made me sort feel as if every broker is just a scammer ..iam not gonna mention the broker coz i know its not ok to do so . but anyways thanks a lot .. thumbs up to your video

jerry tetteh says:

nice to get connected with you SWAG

rstclair7777 says:

Is TD AMERITRADE a good broker to use?

Doublegi 10 says:

Can Canadian’s use US brokers?

Madame KoKo says:

this was so helpful, thanks!

chevlogs says:

respect to this guy

Bruce Banner says:

Thanks for the breakdown of brokers, good video bro


I am agree not unregulated broker at all is dangerous Thanks for this video

Walter Hines says:

Thanks a lot young brother. Just getting into the game and appreciated your advice.

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