May Week #1 Top Plays & Bloopers in Sports | Highlights & Funny Moments

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Andrew Kane says:

Soccer player gets hit in the shoes with the ball.

“Tell my family I love them.”

Kantaroification says:

Okay, who is the guy that always scream annoyingly like a complete lunatic during Spanish football matches and can someone tell him that it's not exciting or cool, just completely crazy and annoying?

LittleMac84 says:

Matthews is from Az
…always remember that
One of the best Hockey Players is from the Desert!!!!

Cassidy Mussomele says:

the real life SCOTT STERLING

LostLakeTribune says:

Did the fan in blooper 4 have to sign an incident report?

Juan Carlos Barbosa says:

02:17 ooooooh the man!! The legend!!!

Minute With mark says:

Still hockey? When did it go year-round? I missed the Memo?

Chuckcha says:

As always, I've enjoyed your video. Thank you!

Jedi Shockwave says:

digging the new intro and outro

MadManMurdock says:

Great picks. Nice cuts. Your vids are choice.

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