Virus Disruption Ver 2.0 (Morphic/Energetic Programmed audio)

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Virus Disruption Ver 2.0 (Morphic/Energetic Programmed audio)
This is programmed to use a few different techniques for a wider family of viruses.
It will provide coercion of the immune system to create the T cells and direct them to the infected areas.
But also directly providing directed apoptosis of the infected cells, also included are simulants of purple laser light therapy and (far) UVC light (which does not harm existing cells) but will destroy the ones floating around your environment and outer body.
It works for a few more families of viruses but not all.

Use as much as you need until you find relief and repeat if needed, viruses tend to be aggressive therefore you should also aggressively work towards destroying it.

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P D says:

Hi Sapien, is this audio effective for all the new variants of the virus? These days people are getting mild symptoms in the first few days with a sudden drop in oxygen level on the 5-6th days leading to death.

Fire Trine says:

you know what's neat, if you open the same video of Sapien in several tabs and you let it play. I'm murdering that virus violently 🙂

sigma kodiak says:

Helping so much with my infected tooth.
Thank You!

Valar Mathi says:

One of my friend got covid positive…I was I. Contact with her…having severe throat pain …hear this full night on loop….morning my throat pain is completely healed…thank u Soo much

KSA Saami says:

Indians should start using this considerably

Vanessa Alexandra Zelaya says:

It will help with herpes zooster?

angel number says:

Is this for Corona Virus Immunity?

Alexander Lindquist says:

We are created to live on this planet, then we must help each other to get rid of this virus

Masters degree says:

Please Make one for Indian Variant of Covid. Please Thank You

Savit Pandey says:

plz someone pray for me
i am only 17 years old battling covid

no name. says:

Total of 2 mnths since i had covid, still not doing well.
Fatigue, digestive problems, hairloss and sleep problems have got me!:((
Still thankful for not having a severe case tho!

Slan Clan says:

I request sapien, please put lung regeneration files free for everyone use.
Many Covid patients need that file along with the oxygen supply.
Even I can suggest hyperbaric oxyzen therpy fields too

Slan Clan says:

India getting more Covid patients now. Share more for your friends and family to save them

Yeet Boi says:

Lol i felt a bit ill listened to this and then it was gone.

Grishma Shrestha says:

Is it best to
Listen with headphones or without ?

Kimi A says:

Can this work for any virus like flu?

Kakeru 38 says:

Good day sapien,can you make morphic field to detox covid vaccine in our body.i don't want to have the jab,but our government are planning to make it mandatory..thanks in advance…

Bob Smith says:

Hi Sapien, should this help with removing warts, varuccas?


hi sapiens
will rhis create antibodies even if im not infected as preventive measure???

Heidi x says:

Disrupts or kills?

A Totally Extinct Dinosaur says:

I Looped this for one hour, drank anise with lemon then went in deep sleep .. woke up completely healed.

Abhi Yarlagadda says:

Thank you for everything u do

Rosangela Ridgewell says:

I listen with earphones when I need to go in public, I have it playing in my car, I just recovered from covid,I am stronger now. Thanks Sapien Medicine!

Magic Lamp says:

Thanks very much, Sapien .


If I use this along with medicines for covid, will this interfere with medicines? Will it cause some issues? Also, if someone is vaccinated and he listens to this, is that fine or will there be some issue? I'm in India

LOLY says:

Is it necessary to listen to it with auticulars or can it be heard through loudspeakers? and equally effective

milkjuce says:

Hi Sapien, I really appreciate the time you take to create those cool animations alongside your audio!

Exolpower3 says:

I felt nauseas. After 2 listen i feel better

M Kant says:

If I download it then will it work & results will be same Or changes ?

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