Marine biologist plays SUBNAUTICA – Gameplay part I

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I finally play Subnautica!! So many of you suggested this game to me and I am very glad you did! It is pretty awesome! Join me in this underwater adventure!! I think by the end of this video I finally understood how this game works haha. There might be more Subnautica videos coming out in the future! =D



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Earl Da Sweat Gawd says:

Her going back to the life pod to eat the food because she had a mask on reminds me of people who drive the speed limit and stop at red lights on GTA.

Susie Morrison says:

She’s doing the simple things wrong.

Calle Dyhl Hjorth says:

fire extinguisher falls: good thing that didnt hit my head. iron plate falls. hits your head*

King Otter says:

play ark ragnarok

King Otter says:

you have to play ark

Momma Tina says:

OK, many of us would have figured out if you are new to a game, you need to know how to interact with the game. It is nice to hear from her the many things that are in nature and similar in the game.


Don't stop playing subnautica it until you finish it

Justin Minnaar says:

Must be something about being a guy, all I wanted was to be able to help you the whole time.

Adrian Fiedler says:

"I like that you have to think and build in this game".
– Never thinks about building anything

Just shut up and use the downvote says:

Marine Biologist: Struggle for 15min figuring out how to eat while swimming in deep waters unfazed.

Me, a normal gamer that can figure out mundane mechanics in seconds: Freaks the fuck out the first time I dip my digital toes in that dark ass water.

EY Giraffis says:

Maria the Marine biologist….. hmmm

Marine the Maria biologist….. hmmmm



Anthony Libardi says:

This is so wholesome watching someone experience this game for the first time. And at one point she said something along the lines of "this game is really hard for someone who doesn't play many games." And yeah, unfortunately that is a really big problem in the games industry. There's a concept called "game literacy," and it's the set of skills and familiarity with things like inventory systems, general survival mechanics, and even more basic things that people that grew up with games take for granted, but are very much not obvious for those that haven't. This may not have been the best game for a new (or even new-ish) player to play, but its so wonderful seeing someone come at it with completely fresh eyes.

Perktube1 says:

Cant believe I'm raging over a 4 month old video. Lady put away yer extinguisher. Also pause and push the options button. It is your friend.

Hacking_Fire Kondor says:

Me: Mama, I’m a marine biologist!!
Mama: But you’re studying economy
Me: I play SubNautica
Mama: yes, but you…

Dan F says:

I want to keep jumping in to help, but the adventure of her figuring it out is fun too.

Omnifarious says:

15:00 – I'm desparately wanting to tell you how to eat. You had food in the storage box! 🙂 Yes, you can catch fish. You have to use the fabricator to cook them. You don't need a knife for the small ones. Oddly, you can't eat the large ones even if you do kill them with a knife, or I haven't figured out how myself yet.

chiffmonkey says:

You found the food… then went fishing.

MaciMaci9999 says:

This hurts so fucking much to. I get that she isn't a gamer and the controls aren't all logical but goddamn. She needs 5 minutes to understand fish=food(as an MARINE biologist) and as soon as she makes the connection she just swims straight up to a fish that's too big (and is poisonous), doesn't see that she can pick up the other fish. And continues to ignore ALL THE FISH RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. I thought I'm gonna learn sth but my brain is just shutting off slowly

Catulus says:

“Glad that didn’t hit my head!”
Plate: So you have chosen death…

Turbulence 2021 says:

This is painful to watch. wish I could help through screen

Kat Furman says:

Having played a ton of both Subnautica games just recently, i noticed myself going from terrified to fearless slowly as i figured out where the predators are and how to avoid them (and then kill them). But there's really an astounding lack of fear from an inexperienced player who barely games at all. I have a cat who isn't afraid of cars and likes to sit in the driveway for me when i come home from work, and i have to get out and pick him up because he won't move out of the way of the tires. He just sits happily in my lap as i pull into the garage, blissfully unaware of how fragile he is and how fortunate he was that i was paying attention. Similar vibes here. I absolutely love that she's fearless in an unaggressive way, just doing her thing and periodically drowning because she's busy looking at reginalds. Queen of my life

Ricardo Trojan says:

Os seus comentários sobre as diferentes formas de vidas que o jogo apresenta enriquecem muito o vídeo. Desta forma, fica muito divertido ver você explorando o jogo. Se você tiver paciência em tentar a mesma experiência com a continuação deste título, o Subnautica Below Zero, serei grato.

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