Life inside China’s rapidly built hospitals in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak

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Two temporary hospitals are open after being built at top speed in Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the epicentre of the global coronavirus outbreak. Designed to deal with the massive number of patients who have developed severe symptoms caused by the novel coronavirus, Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals are providing 2,600 additional beds since they went into operation in February 2020.Health officials are also making use of convention and exhibition centres as well as stadiums which have been converted into temporary medical shelters to treat patients with less severe symptoms.(Photo: Xinhua)

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ArcaMarmoric ArcaMarmoric says:

This video shows the decadence of the western world. I feel ashemed. Whatever criticism about China, please, drop it. At least it seems they take care of their people.

Enes Öz says:

Corona is a lie, don't be vaccinated

Eric Cartman says:

The released the virus to get RIP of old people and the very sick. The strong survives

TheMabes69 says:

The US has some tents in Central Park and nurses wearing trash bags. Maybe it's time to learn Mandarin. The US is done.

ur mom says:

I wish chinese people could prevent other pandemics in the future.

Ranjana Verma says:

I am really thankful to the doctors who are treating coronavirus patients

Lenny Prosado says:

That was then. Today, that 40.000 total is only in the US. China kept and keeps acting as if they had it all under control therefore neglected to be truthful in letting the rest of the world know what was/ is really going on. The day will come when their cover-up and lies will surface and they will pay gravely for such. First thing to do is to stop buying "made in China" and have them suffer where it hurts the most. Shame on you China!

Barbara Skorka says:

Why are there bars in the windows of the hospital ? Is it really a hospital or perhaps a prison ?

Beth Weathers says:

Looks more like a prison to me!

J Rocks says:

This is b a n a n a s

Ada Bellana7 says:

警告警告过分的19名医生的医生去世了,现在该名医生的同事在12月份警告了这种病毒,并说他是一个威胁,现在消失了,而现在这个批评治疗方法和缺乏药品的博客男孩Chen qiushi失踪了。另有芳彬和351名中国网民受到警察的干扰。

aiden david says:

These aren’t hospitals their death rooms they send people there to die don’t fall for the fascist CCP government propaganda

360def says:

Everything you see in this video is fake

T M says:

Why do all the windows have bars on them?

Uwezo Ramadhani says:

This hospital could take 200 years in my beautiful Africa.

mumuyoung Y says:

ALL free for the treatment

Andres B says:

The weapon was created to disrupt western social order. The responsibility falls on the government of China %100. The Chinese are willing to eliminate some of their own for the bigger purposes of their leaders and corrupt officials. Its part of their cultural back ground and history. Don"t ever trust a communist mind, they have been brain wash to rid of any logical sense.

Phoenix Man says:

China virus, could be stopped if proper measures were taken at beginning

damyanti P says:

U deserve this virus
U disgusting people eats innocent animal now corona eating u

Joe Crowe says:

Is this the hospital that collapsed literally brick by brick ? Only one state what about the rest Poor attempt at propaganda for none thinking people

AJ says:

Dear China pls tell world which medicine u used to cure ur patients….

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