Woke Advertising

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a non-political look at political advertising / marketing. Why are razors, shoes and bad drinks getting woke? Is there gold in dem hills?

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Other creators who have talked about woke advertising (most of these feature a variety of politics)
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Marc Pritchard (ad guy for P&G) talks about advertising

Gary Vee’s Keynote at Weiden and Kennedy


Coffee Break says:

EDIT: Many of my fellow Youtubers are saying a recent change in the algorithm has been recommending old videos and de-ranking new ones. So if you enjoyed this video, please share it with friends, Reddit, etc. so people see it! I appreciate you all. <3

Whenever I get tired, Coronas are MY favorite drink to unwind. Some people say the piss-water taste is gross on a level that is only surpassed by the disgusting aftertaste, but I DISAGREE. Whenever I have my Corona I'm reminded that not everything in life has to taste good, sometimes you feel like garbage and want a beverage to pair with that horror. So thank you to Corona for (nearly) sponsoring* this video. Please share so the good word of Corona can spread to your friends, family, and worst enemies.

*actually not sponsored, because FTC stuff.

Caleb Lott says:

Your reasoning makes perfect sense! But I have to admit, I still hate these advertisements. I see politics everywhere, and I hate it. I almost want to find a monastery and join it because of it. Simply put, what happened to all the mediums where one could just, for an hour or so, forget all about all the problems of the world. It's probably the reason why anxiety seems to be on the rise. One moment, I'm trying to chill and forget all the issues I know of that need resolution, and then I get an ad which reminds me of an issue that needs resolution. Furthermore, my father and I own a small real estate business, we rarely have to pay for advertisement to get renters. Why? It's simply really. We don't treat our tenants like shit and we give them low rent for a good quality house. The result: whenever a renter leaves, they often always recommend us to their friends and colleagues. The advertisement that keeps on giving seems to be, for us at least, a good name and being fair to your customers.

RugRat says:

They're just riding the coattails of social issues to benefit their wallets. The advertisements riding on covid 19 is disgusting.

Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname says:

Did you put the text in asking to work with Burger King or was that a part of the video you were showing? If the former, be aware that Burger King has actually subtly supported political violence recently. It may not be the best company to align yourself with.

Wael Esmair says:

Wait a second, you mean to tell me that advertisers would take advantage of an engagement-based algorithm and proven techniques of stimulating the human limbic system?! Impossible.

shy bound says:

i hate all ads, especially woke ads, because it feels like a person trying to be your “friend” so that they can sell you things and that’s just sad

Daniel Loizeaux says:

“Racism is wrong and I hate it”

Ok now but my product

Simon says:

People need to understand that advertising is always solely focused on how to sell the product and make the most money.

Aublak says:

This a more convincing video on the topic https://youtu.be/7bRhMLhc8wQ

Kawrno says:

I have just realized that 'woke advertising' is just any 'halal/Islamic' business – you target a group, then you use their deepest (dogmatic) emotion to earn revenue.

Govinda S says:

That Corona advert hasn't aged well hasn't it :], good content Though

Xid RK says:

Controversial items?
You mean left. Extreme left. The only came to support the radical left. The Marxist socialist left. 
No right, conservative or nationalist messages. This is all too "old-fashioned", too "authoritative". The start of collapse of a well-established society.

random user says:

That pepsi ad ended racism.

Erin Carson says:

So, yeah. We need a follow-up. Is this working for companies. Is it hurting Red Bull? Does the consuming public respond positively to racism or cop killing? I don't really understand how this isn't heraging customers. What am I missing?

公安調査庁 says:

They are venturing into this for the money. It's just simple understanding of the market.

Marcelo Azeredo says:

Another factor is that through the internet, companies can reach to all ethnicities in the world… nobody is going to loose this opportunity to sell their socially adjusted product…

Michael Kindt says:

@0:30-.-I’m gonna guess this flavor is just vanilla ice cream colored call like Caucasian skin, seems like the kind of thing someone how would unironically do this would do.

Imerence says:

Everything today is an ad.

peaou says:

2:08 first corona case found

blegger88 says:

Look up "Corporate Social Responsibility". I think you'll find it an interesting read.

Sincerely, a business student.

Beepboopbeep says:

Is this an ad for all ads?

Marcus-Aerilius Maximus says:

Liberal commercial: stick figure since its not gender baised….

Somebody you don't need to know says:

But big advertisers forgot about the basic inalienable rule in advertising

"Go Woke, Go Broke"

Dermot O'Sullivan says:

< Gillette's toxic masculinity commercial was an epic failure. It rebounded on them badly and they lost millions of their most loyal customers >

Nick says:

Was this an 8 minute Gilette ad?

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