Trump marks Veterans Day with visit to Arlington National Cemetery

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President Trump made his first public appearance in five days on Wednesday, visiting Arlington National Cemetery with first lady Melania Trump. Mr. Trump placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


SilentGhilly says:

He needs to mark veterans day by leaving the white house, he is the farthest thing from patriotic.

Eray Aktaş says:

He came out of his hole?

Melburys Brick says:

Next year he'll need to buy a ticket.

Andrew Taylor says:

So many nasty political comments! It’s not about your politics, it’s about those who served to protect our nation. Have some class!

SDR SDR says:

Fat whiney manbaby desecrates the very ground he steps on! Surprised he doesn't thumb his nose at the monument! He is so disrespectful!

Doc3d says:

Considering how Donald Trump has disparaged veterans, having him at Arlington is disgusting.

William Cody says:

Kiddy sniffer biden will never be president

Dylan McConnell says:

Swaying back and forth? He’s knows he’s a Loser! Tuck Frump! The spineless Weasel!!

BEElaine says:

WOW! Visiting and saluting…in the rain….. too little too late Donnie….we don’t believe there is a sincere bone in your body

Tim ProBall says:

Very nice, President Trump !

SEAshley says:

trump knows he lost because hes not signing the stimulus deal

Be Nice says:

All Votes Matter!

Valley Mountain says:

Trolls are out in droves! Do you get a BONUS IF BIDEN Wins? Or just an unemployment check?

Stella Bella says:

ME: Well we know what Trump is thinking.
TRUMP: "I can't believe they have a memorial for losers and suckers."

mayfield norris says:

1 term president

Lights Camera Traction says:

This man does not respect the troops or our country he needs to be exiled !!!

Jan Adam says:

Punch able face

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