Syria’s Idlib province fears renewed military offensive | DW News

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Five years ago, the Russian military intervened in the war in Syria with air strikes, turning around the war that Assad’s troops had almost lost. Since then, the Assad regime, supported by its allies Russia and Iran, have regained control of most of Syria. Kurdish forces still hold the north-east but have signed a deal with Assad. Only Idlib province in the north-west, to which hundreds of thousands of people fled, is still controlled by rebels – with the support of Turkey. A ceasefire took effect in Idlib in March, but it is a fragile one, and an increasing number of Russian air strikes have made the population fear that a decisive battle might soon begin.

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Abu Ali Al-Homsi says:

الأتراك يرسلون مقاتلين سوريين إلى ليبيا! لا يكفيهم الهراء الذي صنعوه في بلادنا ، لذلك قرروا أيضًا قتل الأبرياء في الآخرين.

Abu Ali Al-Homsi says:

في جسر الشغور ، حوّل سكان أتراك مستشفانا إلى معسكر لمقاتلي فيروس كورونا ، حيث تم تخصيص 350 من أصل 500 مكان لهم! يقلق الغزاة على حراسهم أكثر من قلقهم علينا!

Abu Ali Al-Homsi says:

Heat will soon begin in the north of Idlib … The Turks have set up two columns of ammunition and weapons for the militants in Kafer Sandal.

ja zmaj says:

Terorist idlib..

Jeff Larin says:

I am syrian
I hate my president, he is the worst dictator
But those people in idlib are just terrorist supported by alqaeda
Please defeat them

bresan0369 says:

"Too many questions and no answers." Really. How about giving the land back to the legitimate leader of the country and put down the arms. That seems like a perfectly good answer.

Who said it was me? says:

Assad regime killed hundreds of thousands of civilians with barrel bombs.

Isprikitik burkabush says:

Obviously the military cant just leave it alone because it is Syrian territory This is inevitable.

Sean Mangan says:

Russia is not supporting armenia….this is a lie…if a" reporter"

Communismo Libertario says:

To final victory to free Syria Go SAA

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