Europe fails to stop surge in COVID19 cases | Coronavirus Update

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Global coronavirus infections have now exceeded 50 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker. The US-based university also recorded over 1,255,000 deaths since the pandemic first erupted in China late last year.
Many parts of the world, including Europe, are seeing a resurgence in the number of cases, after months of slowdown. One out of every five affected people comes from the US, which still has the most cases in the world.
German health minister Jens Spahn warned that even if 2% of 20,000 new cases had to be hospitalized every day, that would amount to 400 hospitalizations. He said it would put a great deal of strain on the country’s healthcare system.


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Johannes Van antwerp says:

Mmh winter over there now…I'll spend more time in the sun here while we hae summer…

albert Chan says:

Maybe you guys can try using Chinese vaccines like Brazil

Home Lander says:

Nature will always find a way to kill the weak

Shock Rai says:

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FreeTrollCounseling ForTheMentallyBankrupt says:

This is what the CCP wanted to further their quest to conquer the Modern World.
Covid-19 is the gift from China that keeps on giving.
Google how many diseases have come from China in the last 100 years.

leoshanbob says:

Thailand 3,844 +4
Indonesia 440,569
Vietnam 1,215
Singapore 58,064
Philippines 398,449
Myanmar 61,975
Cambodia 300 +3
Malaysia 41,181
Laos 24
Brunei 148
Spain 1,426,602
France 1,807,479
UK 1,213,363
Italy 960,373

RuleofFive says:

There are no easy policy answers for this. You lockdown and save lives and as a consequence many people get hurt financially.

Pearl Yang says:

I am absolutely tired of this life

Todd Packer says:

Cases people, cases. They never mention deaths anymore.

Richard Stark says:

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Rabin Rai says:

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Mia carmon says:

There's 8 billion ppl on this planet and only 50 million have had the virus….

H Kabir says:

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