COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the US | GMA

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Health officials continue to say small gatherings with friends and family are a main source of viral spread.

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Dwane Bennett says:

People need to take the virus serious and act responsible to protect theirselves and others.

Tammy Ugofsky says:

I went to Nebraska and was looked at funny for wearing a mask.

VapoRTraiL111 says:

Correction, the health officials the collectivists have chosen are sounding new warnings, meanwhile huge numbers of health officials are being ignored, silenced, ridiculed etc.
Meanwhile, the collectivist break up illegal celebrations, yet celebrate rioting and looting carried out by their useful idiot goon squad.

Jalle Melendez says:

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antonioas709 says:

Roll your sleeves for those mandatory vaccines

Jay Schweitzer says:

This is good way to sell the new cv19 drugs good one


Nebraska be playing train to Busan

Angel Rivera says:

And is happening all around the world again.

Angel Rivera says:

If they now it airborne so why the have people in dinners Australia is in critical condition with covid.

Angel Rivera says:

And spred it around.

Angel Rivera says:

Negative doesn't mean nothing cause covid could strike again and you could come positive and get it again

Darkstar says:

It’s literally fine, everything is fine and the previously compromised are the only group at risk.
It’s a new form of natural selection, good.

MrChad97Z says:

why don't they tell about how many people recover?…. and lets hear their story and their experience….

Chris Rodgers says:

The FAKEST OF FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Christianson says:

Nebraska is stupid

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