Senna And Mansell's Explosive Battle | 1992 Australian Grand Prix

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8 November 1992: Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell – two of F1’s greatest track warriors – battle for supremacy on the streets of Adelaide.

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RAAFLightningII says:

sometimes senna was wrong. thats just how it works.

El_Ucca says:

MANSELL IS FURIOUS (Mansell is just disapointed, but Murray hopes he is actually furious, furious!)
MANSELL IS TRYING TO HAVE A WORD WITH SENNA (Mansell is actually running away from Senna, but Murray was hoping for a fight)

Luke Battiston says:

Love how can here murray shout in the background when senna hit’s mansell, pretty sure murray and james had to share microphones

SetiapratamaDupi Channel says:

Ah yes, at that point, Mansell was leaving F1 to go to Indycar and Senna didn't resign with McLaren until before the 1993 season started.

afe nijmeijer says:

That video is such a vivid demonstration of the Williams superiority. Planted on the track . The McLaren is so loose and darting around behind it. How times have changed with Williams being tail enders now. Sad, very sad.

D3TE _Eka Yoga Rismawan says:

Miss Adelaide and Murray comment

Simo DC says:

Senna the greatest driver….. really? Really?? Really????

Nixer Doyle says:

Williams' dominance in 1992 was not unlike Mercedes' dominance this year (and last year, and the year before etc). With the exception of four DNFs, Nigel's sole WDC title was built on 1st & 2nd place finishes. He then went to IndyCar and won that title, before pulverising a mountain of American goodwill.

Micah Kiyimba says:

F1 is soo boring these days ….. When do we ever get two of the best compete wheel to wheel like this…. Mercedes always running away with things

Jmasta7 says:

Looks like what we see today — Verstappen chasing after Lewis

ithomas says:

Great track, soon to be no more. Much better than the Melbourne race.

Justice Warrior says:

Not a single lock out…
Nowadays every turn there's a lockout in brakes

Igor Lemes Duarte says:

Mansell freou justamente pra tirar o embalo do Senna. Dá pra ver no vídeo a frente da McLaren balançando na frenagem e o Senna fazendo o contra-esterço , tentando segurar o carro, onde geralmente não se espera uma freada daquelas

PRIS says:

Senna is probably the greatest but that looked like a Schumacher cheap shot. He can't win so you won't either

Teru Shinomiya says:

Mansell vs Senna GP Portogallo, Estoril 1989

Jesus A Garcia H says:

Electronics + Driver vs. Driver

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