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In this video, I show you some results from Masterclass students who have flipped their accounts like crazy last week. How is that possible? It’s a simple concept. We move with the flow of the market, cut losses quick, and load it up on the good trades. All we need is one market and a working strategy!

Are you ready to learn a skill set that you can benefit from, for the rest of your life? The time is now…

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George Khabensky says:

This week has been great with honestly, my investment with Mr. Harry Farquhar is highly profitable.

Irvin Rbk says:

Best knowledge see for yourselves join the telegram group

kjento says:

Yooo actually it might be pretty interesting if you could talk about taxes and administration. I think it's pretty important…

Wanyika Wangari says:

what you guys do in the inner circle is just on another level..keep it up coach

Itz Ace says:

hipe i win the giveaway

Angel Moya says:

Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Brandan Ng says:

Risk management is key

Sanket Acc says:

That’s it for this batch of inspirational trading quotes! Did you see one in particular that speaks to your current trading progress the most? What inspirational quotes/messages are motivating you these days? Don’t hesitate to share!

Sanket Acc says:

Like uncertainty, change is also constant in the forex markets. The profitable trading methods and correlations today may not be what gets you pips next week. Profitable traders know how to adapt to any trading environment

Sanket Acc says:

Losing is as much part of trading as winning. Simply put, making money in forex trading involves taking risks. The best you can do is to control your risk by placing strict risk management tools and by being flexible in your execution.

Sanket Acc says:

Ever noticed how “lucky” consistently profitable traders seem to be? While I don’t discount the possibility of having “lucky” trades, it’s more likely that the consistently profitable ones became profitable because they’ve learned how to prepare for when opportunity knocks on their doors.

Sanket Acc says:

You know you’ve managed your risks well if you’ve lived to trade for another day. Focusing on making money exposes you greed. Focus instead on keeping what you have while developing your trading skills

Sanket Acc says:

Risk management is what separates a trader from a gambler. If you have weighed the pros and cons of a trade idea and you have a trading plan in place, then you’re simply trading what you believe are favourable odds

Sanket Acc says:

Every day is a new day for forex traders. Just because you’ve been winning trades for the past few days doesn’t mean that your next trades will also be winners. The result of your past trades, whether they were winning or losing ones, shouldn’t affect how you handle your next positions

Sanket Acc says:

Trading, like any high-performance endeavor, requires skill, focus, and discipline. Those who are in it for the money alone aren’t likely to focus on the process of being a good trader. Concentrate on being a good trader and the money will follow

Sanket Acc says:

You have to jump in the pool and make your own mistakes if you want to learn about the market that you’re trading. Your experiences will not only ensure that you don’t repeat your mistakes, but it will also make you trust your own judgement over the others’.

Sanket Acc says:

The best way to learn about the trading game is to play it. You can read bajillions of books, sign up for classes, and talk to a mentor for hours and hours and you still won’t be as skilled as someone who went ahead and made his first trade

Sanket Acc says:

Every trade is a battle and winning battles requires preparation. Since uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain about the markets, you should learn to identify the possible scenarios and prepare contingencies for them. Having plans for every likely scenario increases your chances of closing your trades without losses

Sanket Acc says:

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Sanket Acc says:

You will never find fulfillment trading the markets if you don't learn to appreciate and be satisfied with what you already have

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