Why Lyme disease is on the rise, explained

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Lyme used to be considered an isolated disease found in North America and parts of Europe but it’s now found in 80 countries worldwide.

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Yves Demers says:

eradicate it with 3 drops of 22% NaClO2 + mixed with 3 drops of 4% Hcl let sit 3 min and mix in 125 ml of water every waking hour for 3 months + and kiss your dis ease goodbye

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Ted White says:

I'm from Ireland and when I my mom went to the states for the summer to stay with my aunt I was 4 at the time and I got bitten in upstate new York and some1 approached my mom in the airport and said it looked like lyme disease and he was right I thankfully got better and I'm fully healthy now

Italiano Gas passer says:

Lyme disease is real. For sure. The funny thing is have you noticed everything is attributed to global warming or climate change. That part of it is not true. There’s not one scientific study that points to the potential uptick in Lyme disease to climate change. Is that what we do now we blame everything on climate change. As a scientist this blows me away. We need to get back to real science. And stop throwing things against the wall and see what sticks. There’s not even good science that proves global warming or disapproves it for that matter.

Jake From State Farm says:

He was a Sk8er boy..
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DutyofCall says:

Lyme-disease is bad but getting infected with several other bacterial infections at the same time is HELL!

Jed Dominic says:

This parasite will kill via gas

whin sanchez says:

Putcha garapata lng pla yta yan.. Andami sa pilipinas nito nasa mga asong kalye…Naintindihan nyo ba..

Humeid Al-Habsi says:

Who’s here because of Justin Bieber

cj says:

Why are the doctors not educated. Why is there not more research on testing??

cj says:

Growing public health concern. What is being done to kill these bugs?????

la ciudat says:


Gandalf El Gris says:

Get better justin


This disease will be eradicated if big boys don't get in the way: Super Model near death recovers quickly… 🙂


Amon Deuchar says:

Never miss an opportunity. 0 evidence climate has anything to do with lyme

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