Weight Watchers Daily Food Vlog – Day 47 and Weigh In!

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Allocated : 29.0
Earned : 0.0
Remaining : -1.0
Total : 30.0

6.0 2x Reese’s cup – 1
0.0 Blueberries
4.0 Ice Cream – 1/2 cup
2.0 Corn on the cob
2.0 2x Oil, olive 1 tsp (4.4g)
4.0 4x Chicken breast – 1oz
0.0 Baby carrots
2.0 Hummus
1.0 2x Corn Thins
5.0 Natural peanut butter 2 Tbsp (32g)
0.0 Blueberries
0.0 Peaches
4.0 Cereal, hot, oatmeal, cooked 1 cup (234g)


Krista Schmidt says:

@beanbagmarathon Haha! I should! It does look like some freakish sculpture, doesn't it? lol

Krista Schmidt says:

@MsGotte They are!

MsGotte says:

@bun3kin LOL, kids that age er just great =)

MsGotte says:

Love Lightening McQueen. That really put a smile on my face after a hard day at work.

You are doing great on the perfect week! Keep up the work =)

Krista Schmidt says:

@MommyGerow LOL He thinks he is so funny. I am working on getting some rest but it seems like the more I try, the less I get. :-/

Krista Schmidt says:

@weightlossfordudes I just took a pic of my WW card. I lost .6. Woohoo! It is creepy! Walking in the morning is creepy enough but the music doesn't help!

Krista Schmidt says:

@46carolinagirl Thanks!

MissJess Gerow says:

Oldie Locks LMAO!!! Ethan!! Ph, and sorry I didn't make it to your house for dinner, I was running late lol 😉 hope u r feeling better! Get some rest sweetie !

Joyce T Perkins says:

LOL@Ethan! He is so funny! Congrats on your loss! Dinner is so yummy looking! You are doind great!

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