INTJ Take on Personality Preferences: Judging vs Perceiving

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INTJ Take on Personality Preferences: Judging vs Perceiving

I am a Judger. I strive to do one task at a time and run it to completion. When there are multiple tasks in a project, I prioritize all the tasks and knock them out one at a time.

A perceiver will multitask, as in doing part of one thing and then part of another, etc.

I discuss these differing approaches in this video.

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renegade cnc, ect. says:

It seems I'm unusual for an INTJ. Multiple test results show me as a INTJ-T. Although the -T is at 60%. I've known what I am for years but it's only recently I've dived into it. Your channel is excellent for that. While I do enjoy laser focusing on a single problem I also multitask very well. Multitasking is not frustrating to me in any way. If anything I enjoy the challenge. Your wife's approach to problems seems very similar to my boss's way of doing things. It's what I refer to as the "sling poo at the wall until something hopefully sticks" method. No insult intended. The side effect is that sometimes (rarely) he comes up with an excellent solution that I don't believe I would have considered. Congrats on finding a woman who not only tolerates INTJ quirks but appreciates them. Also you mention fighting with weight a few times in your videos. Clean Keto has been a painless (after the first week) way for me to lose weight with no other changes.

C Smith says:

Me too, and food can’t touch. Lol

Wynstan'sMom says:

Fascinating. It is helpful to listen to the difference between how you approach your work task and how your wife approaches her plans.
Mulit-tasking may be a bit difference between male and female INTJ's. Males, if I read correctly, do not naturally multi-task well while females are a bit more comfortable multi-tasking, and of course, the uterus is a tracking device.

Muhammadov says:

It’s 2019 btw

kustom13rods says:

Yes task prioritizing, that i do.

kustom13rods says:

Making the videos i understand that.

kustom13rods says:

Yes but eating is a task in itself, no need to seperate the foods from eachother.

Budi Nurgraha says:

U a dumb person sir.

Budi Nurgraha says:

If u do that on ur work then u dont know manage time.
If u do the hard work first then other easy job come on the midle time on ur do the hard work.

Joan Suarez says:

This vid is about how to create and upload a video to youtube.

Paul Rogers says:

That taco plate is a disaster. I would fill the taco and set it aside, then I would take an equal portion of each item into every spoonful until I clean my plate, then the rice and then the taco.

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