What causes panic attacks, and how can you prevent them? – Cindy J. Aaronson

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Dig into the science of what triggers panic attacks, how to recognize them, and the available treatments for panic disorder.

Countless poets and writers have tried to put words to the experience of a panic attack— a sensation so overwhelming, many people mistake it for a heart attack, stroke, or other life-threatening crisis. Studies suggest that almost a third of us will experience at least one panic attack in our lives. So what exactly is a panic attack, and can we prevent them? Cindy J. Aaronson investigates.

Lesson by Cindy J. Aaronson, directed by Aim Creative Studios.

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Tisha Porel says:

Meditation is solution to everything

фильмы K says:

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Ali Wonder says:

Me: lets watch a video to help with anxiety
Anxiety: here's more anxiety

Amine Rhayem says:

:'( my soul was cold like i will die for sure :'(

Harry S says:

Does anyone else get really bad chest pain from them?

I’m just me Don’t worry says:

I get panic attacks a lot and this helps a lot and makes me feel better about my condition

Ryan Graber says:

5:01 monster be like ooh balloon

finn meme says:

I got panic attack yasterday i'm only 11 years old thank you for explaing this to me

Mishaal says:

If panic attack were a person I will kill it!

Bo3Vader says:

I’ve had 5 so far, literally had one yesterday, I keep ending up at the emergency room way to frequently. I just wish they’d stop, and i fear for more coming

John Carlos Martin says:

I had this for a week, the worst one was so intense everybody around me panicked too

Iron Avenger says:

Just had last night what seemed to be a panic attack, and while I’m still shook a bit by it, I’m slowly overcoming it. This video helped, thanks.

Piña Colada says:

When I’m having panic attack I always feel like vomiting… Idk why then after that I want to cry then like my heart is getting pressed….

AmareAsia Plays says:

This saved my grandpa

T Johnson says:



I had panic attacks for quite some time. I still have them from time to time but you learn to live with them if you give yourself time and take steps towarda picking your life back how it was. You might never be your old self again but that is not even so bad because you will become a lot stronger if you learn living with it. It is scary but you have to take steps it does not matter how slow if you make progress that is what counts. And btw if you take some steps backwards, don't be to mad about it. If you take your time to overcome this obstacle then you will see that it might be a good experience afterall. Strenght to all those who have panic attacks. Don't give up.

a42862274 _CP says:

Thank you so much for this video. It calmed me down. It helped me be more at ease

GraceGrapes says:

after panic attacks i would get embarrassed that i had it because i would make it worse for myself by thinking that everyone thinks im faking it or im being dramatic and it really doesnt help to this day im afraid of having panic attacks in public or around other people or telling people im having a panic attack its gotten a little better but i just have this underlying fear inside me it legit sucks

Wikipendotia says:

I recently started experiencing panic attacks, hearing more about it, as well as finding out that 1/3 people experience them at some point makes me feel better about myself. If you experience it too, know that you're not alone, and that you're not insane. 🙂

Skipper , says:

So that is what happeneds to me when I think about How I sniffed amonea in the 7th grade still even happeneds today my heart starts pumping and I just start running to forgot about it

ᄃの尺リ乃тs ᴋᴅʀᴀᴍᴀ says:

1:18 i know im here because of my panic attacks but isn't the brain so cute while being scared aww

5 Minute Psychology says:

From the perspective of my professional experience panic attacks are fascinating! I feel very sorry for all the people who have to struggle with them, of course. But there is so much psychology has to offer to all of them.

Webby says:

I’ve had a few panic attacks in life. My anxiety just overtook me. I’m on anxiety meds now, so I don’t get them often anymore, and I don’t have as many stressful situations. I’ve had times where I almost had a panic attack recently. I hate them. They’re the reason I hate taking my nebulizer, I hate my heart racing. I come from a family that had genetic heart diseases, you never know when you’re gonna drop dead from a heart attack or something. It’s scary. I just can’t handle it. I’m afraid for my life when I go into a panic.

Carlo Montagna says:

Actually at psychiatry lesson our professor pointed out that there are research studies demonstrating that people with selective damage of the amygdala, can still experience induced panic attack or even suffer from panic attack disorders.
Fear in the disease seems to be a patients construct more than an etiopathological mechanism.
Fear and panic are different things.

Here are my sources



Meshak Vanlalliana says:

I got panic attack Everytime I go out

Cill Holmes says:

I still don't know what cause my panic attack, i don't know the trigger . Or was i having anxiety attacks. I read it once, that both are different. I forgot what is it tho.
How do i actually figure out the trigger?

Mustafa Al-saedi says:

oh boy iam on my way to one today hopefully i will shut it down

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