INSIDE HOMS CITY in 2019 – Syria after the Civil War

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We had the chance to go inside Homs City in October 2019. This is the heartbreaking truth of what this city in Syria now looks like after the Syrian Civil War over the last decade.

This series is not a political commentary. I am simply showing what I see and experience while traveling through Syria.

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Tabitha Myers says:

Being from america is embarrassing our president keeps starting wars to prove a point. Good wishes from USA

Bapu Mohapatra says:

Love from India,

Preeti Lamba says:

advice- video would be more interesting if you let us see more of Syria by putting away camera from your face.

محمد محمد says:

I am from Syria

Yuvraj Singh says:

War always bring destruction war is not a solution

Biggurs Bigz . says:

You've gone into a war zone when advised against it! Trying to make yourself famous for a quick buck!

ali man says:

It's not civil war
It's the god dame USA stuff

santabanter says:

Gotta love Islam, the religion of peace. Thank heavens the mosque was rebuilt.

Phillip Brewster says:

At least the fighting has appeared to subsided

King George says:

can you stop… civil war are you kidding me

Mr Slime says:

Without russia, ithink syria is still not in given to back the people of syria.

Juvelyn Espina says:

Damascus n yafour

Juvelyn Espina says:

Me I'm working in Syria 2018

Tahani Jashim says:

I tried to not to cry. I really did. My heart broke when he first said 'it was a city….'. These aren't just buildings or a city. It was a city of people, love, memories, life. Now, it's like straight out of horror movie. People lost their family, home, childhood, memories….oh Allah. Oh Allah. :'(

KADDAN wasoouf says:

We don't deserve that ar all , that time they discovered oil and gas they destroyed everything , look what happened now , heartbreaking

Alves alves says:

Aqui cidade ver prédio muito acabar com da guerra grave ele nova pior que na ele morte de muito tendo como assim ? Qualquer exército

Alves alves says:

Te aqui cidade guerra, prédio da muito bom chegou nova ver eu viu a casa pode você tinha fala que ele muito

Arash Sabeti says:

Thanks for sharing this sad piece of film. I am producing a series of podcasts in Persian on poetry and for our next episode I am going to talk about Maram al-Masri. She is Syrian, so I thought I could talk about the country during its civil war and I found this film of yours in YouTube. Now I am asking if it is possible for me to share this video on my page and talk about it in my podcast.

Abdullah Alrahmoun 7a says:

dont blame it on the syrian rebels they didnt use tanks or jet fighter to bomb the cities in syria

L K says:

the saddest thing about this, you could never walk in the street and ask a syrian how the war affected them. they will stay silent or say minimise it, or completely lie, because they fear secret Assad agents will make them disappear forever. Syria is not even good for loyalists, their are hundreds of videos of loyalists tortured and killed because they refused to kill civilians. Assad is an evil pig.

Benarjit Thingbaijam says:

God bless Syria,

growing guts says:

Very few people know that the roots of this conflict is Saudi Arabia.

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