Al Gore's presidential campaign chair compares 2020 to 2000

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Bill Daley, vice chairman at Wells Fargo and former chairman of Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss the parallels he’s seeing between the 2000 and 2020 presidential races. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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Biden is a Crook says:

The whole US government is a fraud and needs to be overthrown

Glitter says:

Democrats are trying to lie and steal Wisconsin and Michigan, just like they always do.

J Norfleet says:

If your polling place made you use a Sharpie call your election fraud hotline. Ink from Sharpies mess up the optical scanner and cause votes to not be read. It's a hack some polling places have been exploiting.

J Mos says:

Ironic that corrupt William Daley working for one of the most corrupt organizations in America, Wells Fargo is discussing the propriety of an election.

sam Nickles says:

The illuminati is trying to recreate the Al Gore Bush election.

Birch Tree says:

Democrats holding on to ballots and watching numbers to topple any Trump votes as they had planned. Very organized scheme. Mail in ballots very important to them to pull this off. BUT, the good Lord will judge as time goes on. Something democrats hate to hear.

Tamu Brook says:

Demoncrats want to cheat

Nathan Edwards says:

Definitely not the same as 2000

Machete Yo *x* says:

Lmao… This is great…

John Doe says:

The media is against Trump. But I have my favor upon him. Trump has friends in high places.

jo shmo says:


Jeff Silverberg says:

We the people know that the fact that GA, NC, PA, MI, WI wasn’t called last night is because you dems want to know how much fraud you need to commit to win. You media types are complicit in this fraud and we will come for you. And you will be tried for treason.

jo shmo says:

LOL ! what a joke ! Youtube is attempting to censor citizens reporting upon the MASSIVE TRUMPS landslide VICTORY !

MrSavagebeast50 says:

Today feels like the whole world is waiting on a STD test result.

SuperSaltydog77 says:

Wells Fargo, aren't they the investment firm that was found guilty of fraud and misconduct for opening accounts without peoples knowledge. Wells Fargo and their officers are not trust worthy

tagen dehm says:

Nobody cares about al gore or this clown

Jon doe says:

AL Gore clearly won in 2000 he got robbed of the presidency by the Bush crime family.

Michael Onstad says:

We know Trump won

karlwashere123 says:

What's funny is you think the pollsters care. They're out spending your money right now you fools..

Rainbow says:

Blood over Intent on Youtube! 144K are adding their name to the Book of Life! The Antichrist Satan, The Devil, King of Hell, Mark Braun is gathering his Sealed Elect to go into the Garden of Eden to become Eternal. The Holy Grail of Eternal Life is real!


They stopped counting once they realized Trump would win and they counted only what would make it seem like Biden is ahead. Pathetic. Trump has a significant lead in the two states that have 94% but somehow they can’t call those for Trump?! Ridiculous! All Trump needs is one more state after that and he’s ahead in all of them but one. Of course for Biden, "it isn't over until every vote is counted". He needs those last few days of fraudulent votes to be thrown in to even stand a chance.

Biden:  "we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Neightrix Prime says:

I can see the similarities – democrat-controlled precincts trying to compromise ballots.

Banz says:

Didn’t he lose? Why are they asking for his advice

ROYAL PURPLE 3:15 says:


Al Sun says:

The Dem governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin had stopped counting the ballots because Trump is leading. Are they trying to sneak in “ballots”? Any evil doing will turn this country into Sodom and Gomorrah (evil countries destroyed by God).

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