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AL GORE’S CLIMATE CRISIS SLIDESHOW: VP Al Gore shared a new version of his world-famous climate crisis slideshow ahead of an election that could determine the fate of the planet (via Climate Reality).
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Ben C. Enlots says:

The guy who uses the most electricity in his region lecturing about the environment…. Lying, hypocritical pos.

Jane-Tracy Bradford says:

Mr Al Gore this was an excellent presentation I have learned a lot, it was very well done and easy to understand thank you very much !!

Chriš P Baycon says:

Did any of this guys dire predictions come true?

GOLD Buzz says:

My biggest fantasy was and is seeing Al Gore as POTUS

Kaibil Balam 71 says:

Super star Greta Thungberg … is a super star!!!!!

Brandon Faun says:

28:13 back to my fellow Tennessean…with less reading. You didn't miss much…just an expert analysis affirming what he said prior. Uili's statement, however, (36:15) broke my heart. Runaway, unregulated capitalism, dirty industry, special interests that continue the addiction, and pseudo-patriotic, pseudoscientific, anti-intellectual, populist demagoguery and subsequent government corruption makes me believe that we are doomed.

Tocks says:

I will run this country faster than the electric meter on my mansion

william horvath says:

The Inconvenient Truth

Janks H says:

Climate change is real.

Vote!!! Biden 2020!!!

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