'It's Not Enough': Inside An Italy Hospital Struggling To Contain COVID-19 | NBC News NOW

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Sky News’ Stuart Ramsay gets an inside look at a hospital in Italy that is overflowing with coronavirus patients as the medical staff struggles to contain the virus.
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‘It’s Not Enough’: Inside An Italy Hospital Struggling To Contain COVID-19 | NBC News NOW


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Tony Hursit says:

This footage was shown as a Hospital in AMERICA! DR BUTTAR SHOWED IT AND YOUTUBE CENSORED IT!!!!!
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Elizabeth V says:

I call BS on this fear mongering news

원용천 says:

https://youtu.be/uAJRw4j3PdM we are sharing this information for everybody safe…But it is Korean version but dialog is in English..

Panda Bear my cat says:

So horribly terrifying, I pray they went to wherever they believed in.

Harry Styles says:

Why Corona Virus never fever be scared me when no I don’t want creepy man cast on the back side

xox says:

What u need Rome ?

Daniel Conley says:

Am I the only one disturbed by the thing on the patients heads?

Jim Metcalf says:

140 year old man falls off building dies of coronavirus

Jim Metcalf says:

Man falls off mountain dies of coronavirus

Merah Putih says:

The situation in Indonesia now is very dangerous

The Indonesian central government has data on cases of covid virus victims, the actual number reported by the public. This is because the government allowed workers from China to enter Indonesia on a large scale during the outbreak.

Now 30 doctors and 4 nurses have died and hundreds of health workers are infected with the virus, and the Indonesian government does not care at all. Health workers who lack tools are forced to use improvised tools

The affected Indonesians were not given help from the government, this is a reality that happened in Indonesia.

Anyone who criticized the government was arrested so that the international community did not know what was happening in Indonesia now.

WolfieIsFamous says:

Nice HOLLYWOOD SET! Good movie!! Yet when we go to the hospitals, they are empty!

rahmat lahagu says:

please help subscribe, the results of this youtube I will donate to families who are unable to fight the covid-19 virus.
Thank you.

Marco Stich says:

Il problema di tutto è l avidità dell uomo che ha causato tutto questo

RecorderRuns sessionadd says:

https://youtu.be/iVNP0Yse-OU Covid-19 Game Over Off

Edmon Espina says:

May God help Italy to recover all trials… God bless italy… love from Philippines

PRWRandK says:

Live and recover or die? What’s the in between he expected

Human Bean says:

Dust masks keeping out viruses, really? The fact is the COVID-19 is the common cold virus and coronaviruses have always contributed to 15% of pneumonia mortality cases. It is only dangerous to people who would get pneumonia from many other cold viruses/ flu. The median mortality age is 81. 99% of the deaths are from people with at least one other debilitating disease that contributes to pneumonia, while 50% have at least three other contributing diseases.

Pasta Zi Bearlid says:

I think people don't understand the gravity of the situation. Its not just about the Coronavirus, if the hospital is full it means it'll be difficult to treat people with other problems. The beds will be full, the doctors/nurses will be busy and there will be fear of passing on the infection. The hospital won't be able to function like they normally do. So can you seriously say now that you won't be affected by the Coronavirus? It doesn't matter the age, everyone is going to be affected by this. Its sad how some people don't understand this.

rori sipahutar says:

Do the doctors and medics in this video are survive? Because we can see they were not wearing the proper protection.
Just compare their minimum suits to Stuart Ramsay's war suit at 01:30. (I can't even laugh)
The doctors and medic in this video just like facing the naked death, and they know, they will be next.I feel pity for them.

Justice Freedom says:

Oh men, the media has better equipments in terms of protection compared to the doctors themselves. They must NOT underestimate the virus. They should have the MAXIMUM PROTECTION LAB GOWNS without exposing any part of their SKIN…Tsk tsk

The official Richard Gumball says:

This is absolutely terrifying

Mathly Sakiny says:

Coronavirus was mentioned in Quran too

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