The current Covid-19 virus is not the same one we saw in March: Holy Name Medical Center CEO

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Michael Maron, Holy Name Medical Center CEO, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss the rise of Covid-19 cases at his hospital, the symptoms patients are exhibiting now, and how they’re finding new cases. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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mo says:

Of course not. Gill Bates said the next one coming would be worse, in May 2020. He knows, because he and the mad doctor released it! Follow the money.

Kimberly says:

Soooo… half the sick patients get to die so they can a randomized test?


Ok, then as expected this is the new life and eventually everything that we used to do will all be a memory because fear of the unknown is just too powerful.

O'uile Jemi Martin says:

keep up the fear mongering


Yea and Joe and Obama are going to stop the virus by offering it money just like LBJ tried to by off Ho Che Min

thomabb says:

This is the same virus. The difference is we are testing people who would not have been tested 3-4 months ago. That exponentially changes the equation.

dave Magnaw says:

The virus has mutated

Sterling Harra says:

So now most people are “A” symptomatic (don’t know you have it) and less hospitalizations. Yet the media won’t let it die and are still trying to put the fear of God in the masses.
So glad when the election is over and this rapidly becomes back page news.

Roseann says:

The media is the reason for the rise in numbers. Cases are on the rise because testing has increased. Because we don't know how many people had covid before testing, we don't really know if there is a rise. This is simply unscientific. You can't compare rates when there is nothing to compare. Plus hospitals are not showing the numbers going up. They are holding steady. The media should be sharing this information instead of spreading fear.

Freedom Matters says:

Convid 19 84

j parks says:

Increasing 5G causes what people call COVID. The proliferation of the
short wavelengths interfere with electric impulses in the body. All the
transfats and bad fats people have/are eating are causing "leaky"
tissues. These bad fats don't function the same as healthy fats which
are insulators for the body's electrical signals. These leaky tissues
allow 5G EMF to shortcircuit the body's normal functions. This causes
the flu-like symptoms and all the other haywire symptoms people have
reported. The more bad fats you have, the more you are susceptible to
EMF interference. There are 1300 5G satellites in orbit now. There
will be more than 20000 in 2 years. If you haven't been affected now,
you will be soon unless you start eating very healthy. Even that won't
stop it.

Ebony Lamb says:

Um…I thought this was how it was spread from the get go??…asymptomatic carriers like my cousin who gave it to her brother and he actual developed severe symptoms and ended up in the ER. That was the whole point in asking people to wear a mask…because some may be asymptomatic and may "unknowingly" be spreading the virus….NOT wear it to protect yourself from getting the virus from others.

Blindman Jones says:

Found this, dont know how credible but very interesting. These tests are creating our case numbers

Dan Pease says:

Which one did Trump have? After that he said “Don’t let it rule you”. Of course he was swooped away by a helo to his 12 Doctors.
Doctors which he attacks now.
Of course if it was the only way to get out of a long prison sentence, I would keep living too.

Tussilar Centrum says:

I don’t believe a single thing about COVID

B Saver says:

90 plus percent false positives. They aren't testing for the virus just a genetic sequence. It's all a massive fraud

Bits says:


Walter Duranty says:

New CDC Data: Survival Rate For COVID Is 99.99% Unless You’re 70+ Then It’s 94%

John Hix says:

Sounds like we will not be through with Covid until COVID is through with us. I still say this is the start of the die off in one of its forms. Just like previous life forms have come and gone, so goes man.

frankbatista4guitar says:


Evangelia Hernandez says:

Covid/corona syndrome is like HIV/AIDS only difference is transmission. Corona viruses are new breed…covid 19 is SAR 2 . People die from syndrome and can attack multiple organ systems. Research on SARs stopped 2003…thank to USA potus as t the time.

Evangelia Hernandez says:

Covid virus has mutated…both are in Florida.

jjlovelove85 B says:

I’ve heard this before. I believe the virus exist, but some of these numbers they’re reporting are in fact a LIE & not all confirmed cases

Patrick Fears says:

This guy sounds like he knows what he is talking about…wish my local hospital was like his!

ideaquest says:

Jan 2020
– Covid 1.0
Oct 2020
– Covid LC (Low Cost value version)
After Nov 3rd
– Covid discontinued.
Next release 2024

Libra says:

In 2015, Obama and Fauci provided $3.7M to the China Wuhan P4 lab (COVID-19), so Americans got what they paid for?

Nancy Hannan says:

All part of the plan, to control us. 99.99% survival rate.

Holly Stuart says:

Oh is that why there are a at capacity ICU going on you jerk. Around the world and here too..get the word out kids get it. Long term damage. Reinfection has repeatedly occurred. Don't ruin a child's life.

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