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Starting Monday I’m on the new AM drive host on Wild 107.5 …


Stefan2SERB says:

@MissKristinaZ dont listen to these haters you are gorgeous, just my type of woman!

fitby33 says:

@MissKristinaZ I feel you on that one!!

MissKristinaZ says:

@mrgranda – I know~! SOOOO BLESSED! Thanks mama!

MissKristinaZ says:

@FashionistaEmilea – XOXO

MissKristinaZ says:

@fitby33 THANK YOU!!!!!! I need to get back up on it seriously!

fitby33 says:

Congrats on the promo!!! I feel you with the making vids but you are always entertaining!!! I love your vids!

Mandy Johnson says:

Congratulations! That is an amazing opportunity! Keep working it girl!

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