5 Things I Like about Nuclear Science: Dr. Rita Baranwal

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U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Dr. Rita Baranwal breaks down five reasons why she likes nuclear science.

Nuclear science is used in a variety of applications, ranging from cancer treatments to fighting crime thanks to a little thing we call radioisotopes.

These are simply atoms that emit radiation and since their discovery more than a century ago, they have transformed the medical industry and other fields to help benefit society.

Learn more about 5 ways nuclear powers our lives

Blog: https://www.energy.gov/ne/articles/5-incredible-ways-nuclear-powers-our-lives

Nuclear energy is a carbon-free energy source that brings resilience and reliability to our nation’s electric grid.
The Office of Nuclear Energy works with industry and other stakeholders to extend the life cycles of our current fleet of reactors and to develop new technologies that will help meet future environmental and energy goals.

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Jake Larion says:

Thank you very much for the video! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ll be trying to get an Internship at the Idaho National Laboratory. Hopefully I get the nuclear reactor design internship as a college student! 🙂

Shikhar's Perspective says:

It is very proud moment for us while writing this
that a Indian lady of baranwal family has great respect in U.S.

Boomer U. says:

Huge profits guaranteed by tax dollars because no liabilities by law.
Almost a trillion dollars to clean Fukushima.
Waste you lie about and leave laying around.
Trump's kids are selling these nuclear weapons to Saudi murderers of American journalists.
You have no morals, only money and it is ours.

nutzforart says:

Very energy dense is also very dangerous; nuclear is NOT clean. Cradle to grave it uses massive amounts of fossil fuel.
What? Clean drinking water? Tritium is toxic. It POISONS OUR WATER.
That storm that just hit Japan washed hundreds of thousands of toxic radioactive bags into the now PLUTONIUM Pacific.
And as far as being invented in the US, ask the communities whose families are continuing to suffer from.exposure to radioactive waste if inventing nuclear in the US how great it is…Hanford, St Lous, Idaho, Nevada, Savannah GA.
Nuclear is an the most toxic most expensive.
The "new" designs are still untested.
No more nukes.
Deal w the "Legacy" (toxic nuclear waste) that requires maintanence for several hundred thousand years to keep out of our groundwater.
Outrageous denial of the genuine hsrm caused by nuclear.

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