The European Union

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In this video, we trace the evolution of the European Union since the end of WWII until Brexit.


English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit

Original French version:
Russian version:
Arabic version:
Spanish version: Soon

Music: The Devil’s Piano – Audio Hertz (YouTube library)
Software used: Adobe After Effects


Geo History says:

Dear Geo History viewers. As you probably noticed, our channel was hacked (by scum) for ten days. Today, thanks to the positivity of our community and the assistance of YouTube, we are back and more motivated than ever to continue creating the best possible content. Thank you all for your support during this stressful time!

Anubrata Bit says:

It would be difficult to integrate Muslim-majority nations like Albania & Serbia in to the EU after Turkey accused it of being being biased against Muslims in favour of Christians.

Trent Fila says:

Croatia joins eu
Migrant crisis: (Croatia) aw crap

Aura The Draak says:

France has no gratitude for america, or they would be speaking german.

Daniel Dimonte says:

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Glen Van de Peer says:

The beginning is wrong.
It all began in Belgium, when Netherland, Luxemburg and Belgium signed the BENELUX treaty.
France and Germany joined later on. Thats why Brussels is the capital.

Le Mystra007 says:

After seeing this video I kinda understand why Russia feel like Ukraine threatened their survival

spkrlre says:

Let's bring the EU constitution back on the table!

Johnny Boy says:

Can we have HRE? We already have HRE at home. HRE at home:

Alessandro Coletta says:

Euro was a disaster from Italy. Just look at gdp comparisons after 2002!

Jim Smith says:

we should have dropped nuclear bombs on Germany at the end of WW2 then gone in with flamethrowers to burn the survivors

william janssen says:

Have you heard from the Benelux?

ChickenEater 189 says:

sweden didint look for american aide since it hadint benn devistated by the war. WW2 was a great time for sweden and the wealth we made selling steal to germany and later all of europe during the reconsturcion period, paved the way to the modern swedish economy.

Brian Griffin says:

praying medic

Donut MP says:

Kosova doesn't exist

Jorge Lopez says:

Europe= a huge failure.

GranataPacifica 08 says:

Poor norway, it's not in the EU 🙁
But atleast it's in NATO B)

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