Bacteria speciation, ancient bacteria, and drug-resistant infection deaths. – Microbial Minutes

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Bacteria speciation, ancient bacteria, and drug-resistant infection deaths. Plus: prion denaturing and phage efficacy.

Microbial Minutes 12.11.18

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• The Atlantic:

• Indo-european:

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• AlphaFold: Using AI for Scientific Discovery.

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• Daily Mail:

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Didivs Ivlianvs says:

The word you were looking for with the stones was megaliths.

Didivs Ivlianvs says:

Interesting. So there is no "evolution" in bacterial "species" either. You just can't get from left to right without millions of changes at once.

Nancy Hope says:

Hard to follow this speaker, she swallows her words, sing-songs, speeds up, slows down and mumbles.

J. Kuci says:

Actually, diagnosis codes for multiple drug resistant organisms are used in hospitals but the electronically reported list of codes may not reflect this due to these codes being listed last. The electronic record has a finite number of codes that can be reported and so those listed last are truncated if there are many on the list. So, the hospital medical record may have 16 coded diagnoses but only 10 are electronically transmitted, for instance.

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