Violent protests erupt in Italy over coronavirus restrictions | DW News

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Italy has been hit by a wave of protests against a new round of government restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus. Clashes broke out in Milan, Turin and several other cities Monday evening. The unrest comes after Italian authorities ordered bars and restaurants to shut at 6pm – and closed theaters, cinemas and gyms for a month. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is now promising new financial aid to try and calm the tensions.


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Peter Kennedey says:

People need to stand up against these leaders! People can take safe precautions without the lockdowns, but it looks odd that the biggest areas that have restrictions thrown on them are the ones that add to the economy. There is rumor of politicians being paid off in EU countries to force a recession. I hope the US doesn't go that far. US citizens are standing up to the state leaders. I mainly see problems in Democrat lead cities to be honest. Italy be strong.

sanujit roy says:

How many countries going for lockdown?

viergenoire says:

LIBERTA!!! They are destroying economies for a disease that has barely the death rate of a common flu. Wake up people. Democracy is a scam. We are ruled by unelected groups.

Fox94 says:

Italia Big balls , WE in France Big mouth and lockdown

Light4theWorld (formerly Lightbringer) says:

I wonder if 5g towers have anything to do with this

Silence is Golden says:



la gente vuole lavorare come voi poliziotti, macchine vendute! ma dona il tuo stipendio insieme ai politici!

Bosna905 says:

Thank god that people are waking up to this scam. This has nothing to do with our health and well being this is all to take our freedome and to enslave us and our countries nothing else.

Meriuk Hatred says:

Protest with mask is no good protest … guys you will all die in camps .. and you will bring yourselves there .. lock yourselves in .. and throw the key out

Victor James says:

I'm pretty sure the Vatican could feed the hungry.

Tron Studios says:

Hi everyone, I've made a video on this topic. Please anyone watch it and shared that messagge.

Jossi Ossa says:

All my respect to Italy, COVID = only flu

Annie Beanie says:

imho hooligans are bored from not being able to make a mess at sports matches …

Shaun Tay says:

Melbourne : we have the worst lockdown restrictions and protests
Italy : you sure about that ?

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