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#Robots come in many designs and perform tasks that range from surveillance and warehouse logistics to teaching and performing surgery. But recent advancements in robotics have allowed them to assume human functions and roles that we hardly thought possible. How about having a robot for a life partner? Or a tour guide? Or a TV presenter? Artificial intelligence is gradually giving robots the ability to learn and adapt – which means they’re becoming more like us. But is it a cause for joy or alarm?

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Patricia Johnsonson says:

We think we’re so clever making these robots. We are creating our replacements.

Graham Edward's says:

Babylon the Grate has fallen this is the end of human rights with these robots there her to kill us not to help us its sick and toly lost the plot the government have truly destroyed the lives of working

Pablo Schaffner says:

Ya se están reemplazando los seres humanos por máquinas en las fábricas y otros lugares "convenientes" para empresarios y financistas, que dirán cuando les llegue el turno? Y ni hablar de los políticos! Ya hay proyectos en curso para reemplazarlos (con la excusa de eliminar la corrupción) también se busca reemplazar los soldados del ejército por máquinas aviones con inteligencia artificial! Cuando los empresarios tengan el control total vendrá el siguiente paso, su eliminación! Lo que quede de población "humana" serán el material descartable para las máquinas, (y prescindibles)

Pablo Schaffner says:

Macabro y aterrador! Reemplazar a una mujer verdadera( u hombre).por una máquina! Que sigue después??? El reemplazo de los seres humanos????

Rick Jensen says:

Watch but dont subscribe.

Rick Jensen says:

Dont subscribe to Russian television

ska punk OI! alternative living says:

That is a scary thought why would you want to have sex with a sex robot I want have sex with a real woman no robots thank you.. may shock my cock..

Warren Rodgers says:

The Bible is Truth thousands of proofs easy to look up over 4 k prophecy of which more than 2500 have came true to the very day .humble your self and ask Jesus to fill the void in you he will answer

Robert Romeo says:

I'm eating out of the trash can because a robot got my job it was cheaper on the company because they didn't have to have workers comp insurance they didn't have to worry about employees staging fake injuries and suing the company they didn't have to worry about calling in sick and most importantly they don't have to put up with the drama that you do from humans didn't have to have and if they get sick you simply call a technician to come and repair them and don't worry the lifetime warranty covers 80% of repairs

Milos Zivkovic says:

Create artificial intelligent being spend bilions in process and use it for fucking , where is that red button already

Laborer in the field says:

Remember God never changes…and His word says Repent of your sins and believe the gospel! God paid for our sins lived a perfect life for us and has grant us Everlasting Life if we simply believe!!! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
"For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."
John 3:16‭-‬18 KJV

Duane Mumford says:

Ever heard of Max Headroom

Zabe Mears says:

Poor girl had her face ripped off,sleeping with someones

John McNulty says:

Perhaps the question isn't what is the future of robots, but rather, what is the future of humans?

Lamar Wealthchild says:

did they get the production date wrong? I'm pretty sure this was produce back in the 90s

Kiril Stoykov says:

Friends, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, it remains an imitation machine with all the algorithms and potentials. When we lift heavy loads with a crane, we carry heavy loads with ships, trains, trucks, do they surpass man? It's the same with supercomputers. How the artificial intelligence will manifest itself in the computer, the production robot, the human robot or a military machine depends on the qualities invested by the operator who programmed the machine. If humanity still lives with military ambitions, for production or is morally corrupt, the actions of artificial intelligence will also depend, but it will forever remain a machine without heart, mind, will, soul and spirit. Those who want to make man an addition to artificial intelligence would be the same to turn man into an animal. If I am wrong in the statement, write comments
When technology precedes moral principles, there is an abuse of knowledge, power, and then comes the crisis of natural evolution, which can end with the liquidation of the arrogant civilization. So we humans need to be aware of where we are going: down to the abyss or the difficult path of humanism and respect for the life of every living being (including man) and in harmony with a reasonable program of development. Everything that is given to man is a gift from the Great Architect of the Universe, and when someone says it is mine, he can soon learn his lesson through falling and @t each cell or organ performs its service to the whole organism, so each of us is a part of the Cosmic Man to whom we must contribute. Otherwise, if each of us is not interested in other people, this will happen to him, as happens when the leaf falls off the tree.

Joe tuktyyuktuk says:

The first ones has rubber skin…. we spotted those easy….

איציק כהן says:

Nice russain prostetute…


ahh, couldn't replace robotics engineers' jobs in the future, because we created them.

Paul Ruine says:

In any case why click on russan sponsored stuff we can see on several other places. Screw Puten and Trump.

Paul Ruine says:

I was not aware this is a Russan propaganda gate! Like some bit will never click on this shit to support russan governments crap.

Larry Southern says:

This is interesting..when was this done ten ..fifteen… years ago???… It seems dated…anybody else notice this or am I missing something…

big C says:

I wish humanoid became true

Matthew Ferguson says:

In my opinion as a robot or AI will not consume, All services an boarding, area, and power use will be given free to the unit. It will receive no monetary gain and if used by another other than their owner all gained funds will revert to the owner or originating company if no lien holder is designated.

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