Options Trading For Beginners (Using Robinhood)

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Options Trading 101: In this video, we will be going over the basics of Options Trading for beginners. This is one of the most requested topics you guys wanted so here we have it. Keep in mind this is entry-level, so we will start from the bottom and progress as we go. First, we will get a general understanding of what options are, the two different flavors of options offered. Next, we answer the big question, Why are options more beneficial than small stock shares. Lastly, we’ll get into the Robinhood app and see first hand what options trading looks like.

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Opening : (0:00)
Intro: (0:15)
Video Breakdown: (0:38)
Why I Love Options: (1:21)
What are Options: (2:09)
Options Trading Scenario: (3:34)
Important Definitions: (8:59)
Part II: (15:05)
Options Using Robinhood App: (15:30)
Options Trading In-App Walkthrough: (15:53)
Stock Price Doesn’t Determine Option Value: (21:05)
In-The Money vs. Out-of The Money: (25:18)
How To Activate Options Trading On Robinhood (Settings): (26:51)
Outro: (27:12)

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Joandel P. says:

I didn't even watch the video and I liked and subscribed so fast. Thank you for this! Much love! 😉

Rj says:

Can you show us how to do basic call option, then how to sell out of it when it's green?

Brenda De Leon says:

This was very helpful! Thank you .

Nathan Carrasquillo says:

Great video! For people who are confused just keep going at it! I was extremely confused when I started trading options 2 years ago but found it so interesting I kept learning more and more about it. The reality is that you WILL lose money at some point and time 100% it's going to happen but that's part of the game just keep learning and preparing. Great video queen !

Robert Hoffman says:

So helpful. I was trading straight stocks but after this video, I'm more into the options trading. Wish me luck!!! BTW, I'm a subscriber for life, now. Thank
you, so much.

lee Bee says:

Yessss black girl magic. I love it. I'm ready to get out he work force and move on with my life. You have a new follower. Thank you for being wonderful.

David E. Mitchell says:

this is soooo good. Thank you!!

kingsmart says:

You fine as hell

nattyp says:

Yes,I brought NIO at $18.70…regular stock trading,now I’m trying to learn about OPTION TRADING (HELP)PLZ!!!

d felder says:

How do you calculate your strike price? Do you have video on that or can you do one in calculating a strike price?

Cedarbeans says:

can i ask why you named it black girl stocks? Is it a race thing?

Hey Plant Girl says:

This is the best options video I've seen. Been watching beginners options videos everyday for a week and didn't fully understand until I watched yours. Thank you!

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