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Thanks for all of your love on my latest entreprenuer life videos! Here are the steps you need to take to actually start your own online business/brand and what I did to start my natural hair accessories business ‘O So Curly’

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Trademark your business name/logo

Register your company (First research if it benefits you to be a registered company or sole trader)

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Christina Laster says:

Would you consider wix a good site for a business??

George Davis says:

Vending massage chair is a low startup business, you don’t need to stock or fill in the machine to make
profit. You just have to put it in a high traffic area like mall, hospitals and airports.

Natalie King says:

Thank you so much for this. Really really helpful xxx

Chanel&Paolo says:

Great video, I’d love to start a business but trying to fit it in around my full time job is making me exhausted! X

Enesa Ibrahimi says:

Hi there, you’re amazing. I want to start my online business as well. Do we have to register with HMRC if I sell only on Instagram?

Davi pereira says:

wow i am going to follow your so so so nice

hahahahahahah but i will

Latoya Jones says:

What are all the fees for Shopify? I’m confused on it, transaction, monthly and I saw something for 89/month. Can you help with this part

John Ivery says:

Great video! More and more people are looking for ways to earn income from home.

Braid Vines says:

Well done on building a good following so fast, I help people start businesses online every day, thanks for the tips, I'll go share my own experience, thanks Curly!

Samundra Ranjitkar says:

I want to start and learn more on online business, your videos are really helpful. Actually I am residing in Australia at the moment. I am not going for the online business class lot of scam out there. I am trying to learn from YouTube and google, doing research from couple of days want to do Dropshipping and want to sell some product. Could you please help me with this?… Long way to go, don’t know how to Start?

Joseph & Jeremiah says:

Glad I found you! this video was fire. I hope to work with you one day…

Maria B says:

Hey, I have a question.. if your working on starting a business but have no set up to launch it yet, can you trademark it or do you have to launch your business first so it’s actively being used to trademark it? Basically do you need a running business to trademark a business name?

Leemz x says:

Loved this video sis!!!!! More business advice and insight =) x

crimsonbride says:

do you use online accouting software to keep track of your books ? Or did you hire an accountant

fullcharge 876 says:

Thanks for that information, watching and taking notes at same time.

Papi says:

Very genuine advice, thank you.Other youtubers just keep talking random things and we wait okay now they will tell us some info.

Love you video gonna watch more of it and thank you keep going, you giving some really good advice to people like me who are planning to start business on budget.

wayne thompson says:

love you girl… keep up the great work

minus148 says:

Useless video.

Olivia Leigh Simmons says:

Thank you so much for this information! I'm feeling so motivated to start my business now!

Maleica Scales says:

Thank you. I found this video to be very informative. I’m thinking about starting a business and you have clarified so much! Best wishes to you and your future.

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