How F1 Teams Are Preparing For 2021

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The Formula 1 2021 season is fast approaching and so are it’s technical regulation changes, so Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes decided that the Portuguese Grand Prix was the perfect time to test out some of the tech they will be using next year. Using our latest 3D animation of the 3 cars, Jake Boxall-Legge looks into how Mercedes tested a DAS-less W11, how Ferrari tested it’s future floor on the SF1000, and how Red Bull is still finding innovative tricks it can pull off on it’s RB16

0:00 Intro – Preparing for 2021
0:25 Pirelli’s Tyres & Downforce
1:31 Ferrari’s 2021 Testing
3:46 Mercedes Goes DAS-Less
4:49 Red Bull’s New Rear Suspenion
5:37 Red Bull’s Innovative Front Wing
6:34 Looking Towards 2021

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Augusto Converti says:

Where do you get the 3d models from?

My English is Broke says:

Those 18 inch tyres are UGLY!!!

nelson phillips says:

I've been thinking about the RB wing holes with the direction of air flow and have come to the conclusion the most important driver is the ground effects pulling air into the holes and out the bottom of the wing/plates. This will decrease the pressure of the centre of the rotation vortices, increasing the angular velocity, generated along the side of the car. Considering that the outside of the cornering car is why the outwash fluid structures are important coupled with the endplate having increased ground effects has pointed me in this direction.

thejoeyg says:

W12 will be op

Daniel Souza says:

I really would like 15" instead of the weird looking 18", but it is what it is right

j4min1 says:

Looking forward to new regs in 2021 for years, then this. Thanks F1.

虎ちゃん says:

Ferrari need to a rocket at the back of the car

luiz guilherme moreira sales says:


Captain Picard says:

Ladies Love JBL

Widny Jean says:

These models are incredible!

RYG says:

Can't Pirely just make an better tyre to last longer whitout completely redesigning it.

Leo Charles says:

Whats the point of having a Constructors Championship if you are not allowed to build the car you want, experiment and innovate? I dont get the FIA…

John La Monte says:

It doesn’t matter, only the cheating nazi bastards at Mercedes are allowed to win in this sport! Duh….7 ! Yes 7 years now!!!!!!!

Evan Nagy says:

4:13. That’s the opposite of what DAS does. DAS straightens it out both with Toe, and Camber. It’s original use was for better straight line speed (like how they used it in testing this year). They also found out that it more evenly warms up the tires which is how they use it now

Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9 says:

Bahrain GP twice in a row lol

Alun Churcher says:

by reducing ground force next season we can expect more crashes in practice, qualification and unfortunately during races. if this happens on lap 1 we can expect multiple crashes. F1 organizers are fucking up the sport as a spectacle of the best of the best cars which are exactly what f1 cars should be. yes we need to cut emissions from f1 and we also need to cut the use of rubber, but we also need to ensure it is safe for spectators and drivers alike. by bringing in some of the rules, it seems they are unfortunately rule changes for rule change sake. i do not believe it will make overtaking easier, and its probable that the top 2 cars will still be Mercedes.

jgn says:

You forgot to tell that Redbull also was testing with the 2021 floor in Portugal.

CallMeDom says:

Again.. Who is doing this amazing 3D models!?

Andrew Pease says:

Why wouldn't the front wing end plate slot drag the wing tip down?

Chris Tamblyn says:

Ferrari needs to move to a narrow nose cone. McLaren and Renault have improved since its implementation.

Pangolin says:

How long till the protest against RB for the front wing?

Michael Freeman says:

whats this music?? Nah bro

WinTech 4074 says:

Is it me or has this channel lost a lot of subs. Because they had 300k earlier this year I swear but then the race came and overtook them

big mike says:

of course redbull are catching up their still working on this years car and mercedes isnt same as the last 4 years

Franco Viejo says:

Dude I'm so excited for 2022.
New cars, new ground effect, new wheels.
Those 18" look sick on F2

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