Rescue poor dog thrown into the water with four legs and mouth tied

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ruhi samani says:

Burn in hell whoever did this to the poor dog. hope you drown.

Ann zamendo says:

Thank you so much for saving him God bless you all

Madelyn Ricalde says:

Mga Walang puso gumawa nyan…

Madelyn Ricalde says:

Kaluoy sad ana baby dog oy…

P S says:

Who ever did that has some deep problems. Throw them in jail for at least 20 years

sidor pheonix says:

Poor thing.Whoever did that is just plain evil

Michael Deng says:

Imagine using the same dog in 3 videos. All I can say is fake

leticia morales cabrera says:

Es. Criminal lo ok q.le.haven.a.ños.pobres animales q sienten sin seres vivos
Maldita gente no o tiene entrañas al.maltratar a un animalito ojalá.se pudran en el infierno y les hagan lo mismo

LL Tort says:

After all the cruelty he’s already experienced with humans, he’s still wagging his tail and following around a human for affection. There is no excuse for animal abuse except a sick mind.

R J says:


Cristiane Gimenez says:

Que maravilhosa atitude para salvar esse cachorrinho lindo que Deus abençoe

Candice Jacobs says:

If I am being honest, I really don’t trust these kind of channels. There has been claims of these people deliberately putting these poor animals into those conditions and then fake rescue it for views. I am not saying this channel does that but there is always a chance. So don’t blindly watch these channels or fall for their prey. These people do anything for some views and money. And they don’t really care about animals.

phil savage says:

Monster who did this deserves this date or worse!

Radom Guy says:

Burn in hell

Christine Almond says:

I am crying right now

Ana Luisa Bernardino da Costa says:

A vc que resgatou e cuidou Deus abençoe as mãos que salvam a

Ana Luisa Bernardino da Costa says:

Como pode ter gente capaz de tanta maldade que a mão de Deus peze

Nicole Byron says:

Hoping karma comes round and the evil person suffers equally. Thank god it was rescued by kindness.

Dom says:

All of you are stupid they put these poor animals in danger yet you don't listen to Nick Crowley and his reveals to these channels what a bastard burn in hell

юлия новикова says:

нет страшнее зверя-чем человек!..хорошо что есть и другие-добрые и хорошие люди! дай Боже им счастья!

Dannae says:

Lloré, no puedo creer que existan personas tan malvadas.

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