Abandoned dog wants to be rescued, but is so scared!

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It’s so cool to see how Blue Bayou evolved from a nervous dog to such a happy dog, but now we need YOUR HELP! Please share her video and help us find her a loving forever home.

If you can, please become a Hope For Paws member by sending a small donation so we can continue doing this work seven days a week: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

Katie and JoAnn handled this rescue beautifully… I know how challenging it is to get the gentle snare over the head of an animal under a car – it’s harder than it looks.

After the rescue, Blue Bayou continued to L.A. Dog Works in Hollywood so she can learn to socialize with other dogs. She was isolated for so long, and I am so happy she really thrived there.

Now Blue Bayou is ready for her loving forever home, and our friends at It’s the Pits will handle her adoption. Please contact them directly to apply to adopt her: https://www.itsthepits.org

Thank you so much for your support!



Casey P says:

The previous owners should catch charges for that shit. What assholes

Jan Richards says:

Does this sweet baby still need a forever home???
I’ve got an 8 year old dog, he was worse than her! I’m home always (they need a lot of constant company…just because they’re so scared). It takes gentleness and kindness, and things they enjoy! Walks, belly rubs,!play their favorite games..:
If the white & brown little girls still available, please do let me know!!!!!

Stefan Ohlund says:

Dem big flying saucer
eyes. Beautiful dog. Congrats, ladies. Kicking ass! >;]

Maya arnold says:

If u have to move and can not take ur dog with u then try to find him a good home A couple months ago i was going to get an apartment but said no pets allowed so i stayed living where im at i would never give up my dog she is more important to me

C L says:

I went to the rescue website to apply to adopt her but she’s not on the site, hoping that she was adopted❤️

SOwens says:

She is absolutely gorgeous! And so sweet! Love the work that you do!!!

R. Ive says:

She's a beautiful American Bulldog!!

David says:

Outstanding video guys. Did she see a vet? Is all systems a go? Pray she gets a loving home.

dks13827 says:

Put your dumb mask on. You will give her covid !!!

mustlovedogs says:

That is an excellent dog. I would love to have that dog. I'm east of the mississippi river though.

Trump My Love says:

I will vote for lord Donald Trump again

Bev McMullan-Kungl says:

She is so sweet. Looks like she has eye liner around her eyes.

j listing says:

These ladies are the best at rescuing! That sweet pup's eyes! Aww!

Black Wolf says:

Awe poor baby, it looks like she had puppies at one point in time. Maybe her owner left because he didn't want the responsibility of puppies and abused her. So sad that she was soo scared, but alas Hope for Paws has rehabilitated so many dogs and has been able to prevent euthanasia. I'm so glad that Blue Bayou has come out of her shell, she's so clean and healthy now! I hope that she will find a new home soon. :]

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