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NBA “Sad” MOMENTS showcases some of the most emotional moments and displays of respect throughout recent NBA History. It includes LeBron James’ Speech dedicated to Kobe Bryant, Dywane Wade’s Final Game in Miami, Russell Westbrook’s 20 20 20 game for Nipsey Hussle and many more heart-felt moments!

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Jae says:

Love the vids bro!

Joshua Koenig says:

Spiritual Food In Due SeasonBrenda LewisHe Chose Me
17 And then turning his young featured face to his older brethren, and said, “Today, we’ve witnessed something greater. For it didn’t happen in the night. We seen with our own two eyes what He did when He dumped that little boy’s biscuits and fishes, and broke them, and fed five thousand before our own eyes. I never thought that I would live to see Jehovah God move like He did in years ago. Truly, my brethren,” he might’ve said this, “that God will never get any smaller or be any weaker; He will always be God. How my little heart wondered where God got all that bread. And it always amazed me, where He got all that bread, and I’m still amazed how He could not only bring bread, but He brought cooked fish and fed five thousand before our own eyes. Truly I believe that He is the Son of God.” He might’ve said something like that.
59-1120 – A Prophet Like Unto Moses
Rev. William Marrion Branham
“What’s the matter with all of you? Can’t you understand the Word?”

You must understand It.

If they want biscuits, let them go get them.

Every one, be back tonight, so here is what I’ll do.

The shadows is going to fall, after while.

Then that congregation gathers in again.

I’ll put the climax to them.

I’ll background.

You know the way I do it on these church ages and things

Say what I said before.
Say what I said before.

Qinghe Wang says:

Also the same season, Jeremy Lin got hurt again in his first game for Nets, he lay down and repeating “I am done” so bad

Will Hoover says:

Ugh that Gordon Hayward injury was the worst

Padraig O'Shea says:

What happened to Tim Hardaway Jr

Kairong Li says:

Rip Kobe Bryant

MediumCoast8820 says:

Why is the sad in quotes lmao

Survival says:

I love D Wade man…
He's a legend

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