Guide to ASTRONOMY: Sir Patrick Moore's Journey To The Stars (Space Documentary) Reel Truth Science

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Man has always held a strange fascination with the stars, forever probing the universe s many secrets. How did it all begin and how does the universe expand? What is a Black Hole ? And, how will it all end? Sir Patrick Moore, forever BBC s synonymous with the The Sky At Night , lead s us on a journey of discovery through our galaxy, in the documentary A Beginners Guide To Astronomy , exploring each planet and star system in detail, helping us understand and expanding our depth of knowledge, dispelling many of the myths and mysteries that surround planet Earth. In two fascinating documentaries, Sir Patrick leads us through the Apollo programme as man attempted to reach for the moon, and explains what went wrong on the fated Apollo 13 mission. How close to disaster were the three astronauts, and how did N.A.S.A. finally manage to bring them home , while the rest of the world held it s collective breath? Documentaries included; The Apollo Story , Apollo 13 Houston We ve Had A Problem and A Beginners Guide To Astronomy.

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Space Facts Wax says:

Thanks for uploading. I had the chance to view a rocket launch in 2018. Memorable experience. I shared a pretty fun montage of the journey to my page.

Denis Hildebrand says:

Man how old is this?

pedro goduto zambelli says:

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Alain says:

The good old days when Pluto was still a planet

Niti Jha says:

Everything is unbelievable , even our existence

torak behe says:

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Kevin Guthrie says:

Believe everything NASA tells you

I Learn 4 says:

watching this from Somaliland. thump up if you know it.

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