God and Mathematics

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Why does mathematics work?

Think about it… Mathematical entities like numbers, sets, and equations are non-physical and abstract. They can’t cause anything. Yet, for some reason, the physical universe operates…mathematically.

As Galileo put it, “The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.”

“Scientists do not use mathematics merely as a convenient way of organising the data. They believe that mathematical relationships reflect real aspects of the physical world. Science relies on the assumption that we live in an ordered Universe that is subject to precise mathematical laws. Thus, the laws of physics, … are all expressed as mathematical equations.” – Paul Davies

So, how do we explain the astonishing applicability of math to the physical world?



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Light Goodwin says:

All that exists functions in laws and formulas. Man did not invent , we only discovered the pattens of what already exist and found / made the map and off that map we created . We humans are creators here to find , discover and subdue all that God gave us however we are to conduct ourselves in moral alignments . All has the fingerprints of and intelligent designer, a creator and for me I sum it up as -God, the great I am . God is the self however the self is not God

Dave Imboden says:

Let atheists argue with this, but it's much harder to dispute the Dr Craig video on the universe being fine-tuned. The odds of these many critical measurements happening perfectly by chance are so infinitely beyond possible that only a fool would believe such an accidental occurrence.

stephen osborne says:

What if god was shit at maths

rlc car says:

Two critiques:
1. (3-minute mark) When naturalists say the world "happens to have a mathematical structure", they aren't saying every mathematical concept exists in the physical world. That part of your argument is a strawman.
2. (3:30) "This answer still doesn't explain…mathematical structure." Correct—that's why naturalists say "happens to have…" They've already addressed this. Your objection is just restating what they already told you, which is 'we don't know why yet.'

I honestly enjoyed the video, I just think you're setting yourself up for a pretty easy broadside by using those 2 arguments.

Koncking Human says:

mathematics is the word of the universe, Jesus is the word of God

The Dividing Lime says:

I use this video as motivation to do my math homework lol, absolutely amazing that God designed all this so beautifully.

Son of Ode says:

A bridge is to connect two seperate place, but the bridge it self is not a place.

Mathematic is the bridge that connects metaphysical with physical.



ALLAH AKBAR (y) , Peace be upon the world

Daryl Daix says:

Oh oh there’s gonna be a lot of atheists triggered it’s like despite pure explanation given to them they still deny it and not out of the ability to purely being able to prove why they deny it but based on an unwilling heart. Atheist no matter what conclusive and very understandable arguments and points as to why God exist they will always deny it because they have said in their heart that God does not exist. And most of them willl LIE and say “ oh no it’s just that we don’t have any proof that he exists” but no matter what reasonable arguments and proof you show them they will always deny it when it doesn’t suit them but when one arguments suits them they welcome it. Atheism is like an organization or group of people solely prejudiced against God. So don’t expect MANY of them to believe any argument to prove God because many not all but many of them have already labeled themselves indirectly as God haters. So it’s all a matter of unwillingness to comprehend the argument despite the video being VERY well comprehensible even by a high school kid.

eric pham says:

Math only guide your guess the will of God not precise

Kathy Winters says:

This is a briliant deductive argument. If you can't disprove the premises (ignoring them or discrediting the author is not disproving), the conclusion is sound and the argument is strong.

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