Dictators – Vladimir Putin

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There are a lot of people who hope America’s election doesn’t go smoothly. Find out the 6 things you can do to save it at https://www.represent.us/youtube-putin

This footage isn’t real but the threat is. #DeepFake #Putin

To learn more about the dangers of “deepfakes”, visit https://lab.witness.org/projects/synthetic-media-and-deep-fakes/


Jason Attard says:

That’s some good deep fakes right there

KreshPlays says:

Kneel, my fellow americans

Jäger 072 says:

You see how nice Putin actually is? He's telling you that you're fucking yourselves up. Quite directly and 'matter-of-fact', as any Slav would xD

李立峰 says:

Deepfake needs to fix the part between the chin and the collar

jeff myers says:

The fact that millions of people point to fabricated Russia nonsense while saying literally 0 about Israel is at best extremely laughable

Elizabet Hernandez says:

Amigos cool

Estefany Enco says:

Alguien lo puede traducir al español?

Carlos Ramirez says:

Jacobo wong?

Reckless Abandon says:

Putin is not a dictator.

Serj Roge says:

It is so funny that american politicans think Putin changed the Elections

Pavel Borisov says:

Пишите больше русских коментов! Пускай сидят со страху переводят))

Nikitoslow says:

А ведь в реальности всё так и есть

Nina Nikolaeva says:


Dmitry Gorbushin says:

His voice is completely un-convincing. And sometimes it feels like his got sort of Ukrainian accent (it's little different from Russian).

joel colon says:

there is just one thing i dont get why call America a democracy when in fact its a republic

George White says:

TRUMP 2020

Seb Gibbs says:

Note that 'Russia interference' hype all originated from Hillary Clinton as a means to deflect her own corruption.

Фил Роот says:

ахахаха, он так складно говорить не умеет. Только по бумажке и то с трудом.

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