heres why forex trading is so hard for you.

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o2oxide says:

I love this bald guy..the positivity throughout this channel have been doing a challenge for one prop firm now and im down 2.5%..have 3 more weeks to go..gonna have to try to make the target but at least get to profitable end before the dateline to qualify for another free challenge..lets go..

Jeroham Romero says:

Telegram gang right here !!! This BALD guy really making me so excited to trade. Same love from PHILIPPINES !!!!

David Mzindle says:

3K for the week? but i was in the telegram and thats not what was posted on there. i saw waaaaay bigger profits. am i wrong?

Pyjama Forex says:

Applied this and the game is now cold

Peyton Banks says:

Imagine a world where investors in the stock market have no skill whatsoever. The investors themselves don’t understand this, however, and many truly believe that they are good at what they do but in this thought experiment, there’s no doubt about the underlying reasons for fund managers’ success: When they turn in an outstanding performance, it’s just a matter of dumb luck.

John Damien says:

My advise to beginners to trading is before you enter any market as a trader, you need to have some idea of how you will make decisions to execute your trades. You must know what information you will need to make the appropriate decision on entering or exiting a trade, this is what I learnt from my account manager.

With Mr ROBERT help and advise I easily realized some people choose to look at the underlying fundamentals of the economy as well as a chart to determine the best time to execute the trade. Others use only technical analysis. Whichever methodology you choose, be consistent and be sure your methodology is adaptive. Your system should keep up with the changing dynamics of a market, I advise you to contact a professional trader. You can reach him on email:(ROBERTHARY6@GMAIL. com)


Hey Nick, this is Dominique. I just want to thank you for your insightful advice in this video. Realist one ever. I told myself I'm done with YouTube, technique jumpin, and doing research on the same stuff. I'm putting my head down and getting to work. Period.

Joe Harris says:

Nice video
Think this is really why trading has been hard for me
I also wanted to start trading the stock market
Any thoughts on that??

Merit Erick says:

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping and the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not inverting like the rich

Scott Ogenetega says:

How do I join the telegram demo guru

G G says:

I see you trading boom n crach in telgram. What is it? How to trade it, the best brooker and if you can make video to explain it? Much appreciate it. Respect2U

William Mhl says:

I legit feel lucky for stumbling on this guy. Mad props bruh

Vina Sheas says:

In order to make profits in the market one has to have a good strategy and proper knowledge of how the holders manipulate the market

Pips 4 Profit says:

forex has been treating me really good!

Justin McNabb says:

The sandles are a step too far lol

Fred Dagg says:

Hi Nick, yes great to see… The only downer about trading is it tends to shut up out from the real being with friends, family & outside life…ie fishing, hunting, sports etc… Being able to balance that is good though 🙂

Jacob Lowes says:

you sir speak the truth and I apriciate it. Thank you

Kml chahal says:

thanks for this great and very real video bro. all this noise on socials doesn't help at all. please make more videos like this one. we need more psychology videos.

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