French ICU beds reaching saturation under strain of Covid-19

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Four more French cities have been placed on high alert to deal with the resurgence in coronavirus cases. Lille, Lyon, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne join Paris and Marseille, with their bars and restaurants set to close for at least two weeks. In Paris, the occupancy of beds in intensive care units by Covid-19 patients has reached a critical 40 percent.

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bob bob.fagg-bois says:

how many of these people only had misdiagnosed common flue? as the news reports, reported yesterday.

Heather Larson says:

This pandemic and the year of 2020 will mark a major milestone of the decline of western civilization. We knew the decline for decades, but the current time is the tipping point…

Mythical Truthz says:

And let me guess you got those numbers from a computer generated model? Just like when c19 hopped on the scene. You guys keep playing with fire and you will get burnt. You don't have the man power or fire power to hold back and stop the People when we truly rise up!

Mythical Truthz says:

If you turn off the TV and stop listening to the propaganda you would be safe from C19. it's all in your head.

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