COVID-19 cases soar in all but 8 U.S. states

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As fall approaches, coronavirus cases are soaring in the U.S. in all but eight states. Hawaii, California, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, Georgia, and Vermont are the exception to the rise in infections. This surge comes as the country saw nearly 70,000 new cases on Friday, the most in a single day since July. It pushed the overall number of infections over 8 million and the death toll to more than 218,000 people. Michael George reports from New York.


sam1953 says:

It's sad that most people aren't good at math. Then they would see how laughable this pandemic really is. It seems like when large numbers are put on the screen it terrifies most people. Let's look a little closer.
223,000 ÷ 8.4 million x 100 = 2.6%

That means if you get the Coronavirus, and we don't even know how many people have gotten it yet, then you only have a 2.6% chance of dying. That means you have a 97.4% (most likely greater) chance of SURVIVAL!!!!!

I will take those odds any day! It's not as scary as we're being led to believe!

We really should be concerned about the 650,000 people every year that die from heart disease. According to the CDC of the three million cases every year, 650,000 die from this disease. That means if you get heart disease you have a 21% chance of dying! That's only a 79% chance of survival! I don't hear anybody up in arms about that!
Yet, if people show the facts about covid 19, they get shamed for not caring about the supposed 213,000 deaths so far. Don't the people who try to shame others even care about the poor 650,000 people who die every year of heart disease?
I guess not.

ArthurMarstonRDR says:

Bro just imagine if Nigel West Dickens was immortal. We'll get the vaccine right away.

Jah Greez says:

people in the comments think it’s a lie how about your search up covid patients warning. bet you’ll start thinking about your family. don’t wait til it’s too late unless you just dgaf about survival

Chelsea Jennings says:

I am ready to go live my life and am playing men's travel hockey again (I have been playing 4x a week since like May)… I haven't dropped dead yet even maskless on the ice so I think we're good… I also work at a grocery store where I see 1,000s of people per day… if I were going to drop dead… I would damn well be dead by now for certain!

noswad75 says:

This is a lie!! Covid cases are not surging where I am in Michigan. No one is running to the hospitals, people aren’t dying!! The hospitals are not overrun. I went to the ER at a local hospital just to check things out. It was empty!! People need to wake up!! The media is throwing out these ridiculous numbers to keep stupid gullible people scared. Why?!! To what end!! People are not running to doctors offices telling doctors I have covid, where are they getting these false numbers from. People if you’re in your area or city start asking start questioning go to your local hospitals see what’s going on!! Stop accepting what the media is telling you!! Covid cases are not going up! People are going about their business. They people walking around with these stupid masks on, they say the masks are needed and that they help?! Oh really!! If the masks are working then why are the covid cases surging?!! This is BS!! People are so stupid and will believe anything they are told and these animals know it!! Quit being a sheep!!

jefreeb says:

No one cares

Alpp Fook says:

India is lossing haaa

RMM Martinez says:

Biden says he has a plan to stop covid so why hasn't he stepped up to apply that plan yet? Biden is nothing but BS…all talk and no action. He and Harris only want deeper pockets filled with our money so everyone, get your head out of your
_ _ _ and snap out of it!

RMM Martinez says:

It's definitely not Trump's fault the cases of covid are on the rise…It's the fault of all those inconsiderate and irresponsible people who are spreading it for continuing to participate in large mass gatherings. What is it that you idiots don't understand? Those of you that disagree with me are most likely those self-centered, inconsiderate people.

Jack Soo says:

No problem take remdesivir, regeneron for free as Trump promises.

Airik1111 says:

Cases ARE NOT DEATHS ….quit focusing on cases.
More testing means more facts , the facts are COVID19 isn't worth shutting down are freaking country so lets be safe wash are hands like big kids and START LIVING AGAIN.

Why is the MSM and democratic or liberal socialist all obsessed with covid cases and MASK WEARING. But worse , why are they obsessed about a president thats fulfilled promises while defending against now proven lies ??? TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME has the power hungry scared but that dont explain this strange 5 years insanity ….

.HE'S JUST A FRICKEN ELECTED PRESIDENT can we move along now and accept 4 more years of a beautiful administration doing good things . Unlike the last one that spied on him illegally and gave Iran pallots of cash… oh and scammed money through Hunter Biden's fake corporation .
I wonder how much money Hillary Clinton's scams got her family?

Felipe Correa Vieira says:

Blame trump, blame trump……

Helen Morris says:

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