Coronavirus cases and deaths hit highs across US | GMA

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More than 83,000 COVID-19 cases were confirmed Friday, which beat the previous daily record set during the summer surge.

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Anita Hallett says:

If yall only knew that the powers that be evil could have said pandemic years back that all yall would believe and do what they said " imagine" what kind of AMERICA would be like now. Where's ya'll backbone!!

John G says:

Whole lotta low IQ vibes in the comments

Mister B says:

Actually in California we are at an all time low for cases and hospitalizations. At the peak we had 47 cases in the hospital I work at and were admitting about 5 cases a day. We now only have 2 hospitalized and are admitting about 1 case every 2 weeks. Just wanted to pass along some good news unlike the doom and gloom pieces of shit media types.

A McKennan says:

Fucking idiots. . . . Covid is a hoax. Liberal narrative fed to public by the like of GMA . . . thank goodness the liberal narrative is all but dead . . . only alive in the corrupt media.

Dumb Bo says:

these numbers are completely meaningless. The "tests" don't actually detect COVID-19, which they admit does not exist in a purified, isolated state, so a positive test means ? … nothing. even if we presume a positive test has meaning, we already know that there are very, very, very few deaths that can be attributed to the mysterious and "novel" COVID-19, the CDC admits less than 6% of reported deaths can be attributed solely to this terrifying, blood curdling, scourge of humanity, all the rest have one of more co-morbidities, such as advanced age, cardio vascular disease, cancer, car accidents, etc … –> finding new, previously unidentified individuals that have trace evidence of having been exposed to this supposed "end of mankind" will not increase the actual number of deaths by any significant number. this is a hoax sheeple ! wake the fuck up !

LibertyStormFast says:

More Fear by the MSM

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