The 10 Worst Web Design Trends in the Last 20 Years!

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— Today, I’m going to give you my personal list of the 10 worst web design trends of the last 20 years in UI/UX design. I admit, I’m *probably* leaving out a bunch of others, but if you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments. If you have other trends that I’m sure I forgot about, let me know too!

0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – An awesome offer from Scrimba
1:31 – Busy Backgrounds
2:46 – Tiny Text
3:46 – Splash Pages
4:21 – Hit Counters
5:14 – Borders
5:54 – Cheesy Effects
8:22 – Web 2.0 Gloss & Gradients
9:38 – Blobs
10:25 – Particle Backgrounds
11:19 – Portfolio Progress Bars
12:22 – Outrooo

Let’s get started!

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DesignCourse says:

What bad trends have I missed? I'm sure there are plenty!

Rhayven Jones says:

Aaaah yes, the music automatically playing while you viewed the website has made a comeback lol.

Ethan Medrano says:

I think particle backgrounds are only used for artistic purposes, not for implementing it on a website or something.

devmentorlive says:

OH MY GEOCITIES! 😀 With rainbow text baby! This was such a cool trip down memory lane. I remember these times like it was yesterday! ps. blobs are coming back behind vectors.

Love your videos Gary!

Rose Sevenyears says:

I think "progress" bars might be more interesting and fun if you'll put them in a bit different perspective.

Let's say it's not about knowledge with X% of some language , but as example

Interested in :

language – %
language – %
language – %
language – %

From 0 to 100% , but we can add some little fun things like over 100% value to 1 language and making it glowy-red showing like it's overcharged or something 😀

I mean…it's not like serious professional thing to show off your portfolio , but we can make it at least more fun and informative – to show what you're most interested in.

I even want to use it now just for fun.
I mean…my website was never serious thing anyway while it existed and I don't want to be this way , I wanted site to be interesting technologically and ideologically…
But it doesn't need to be all this boring strict nonsense.

If I'm all about fun little things , my site probably should be too ^^

Okay , now when I'm done with my monologue – time to go back to work with all other's people boring sites.

princessbabe1313 says:

I love these lol

tofumiify says:

cmon, borders arent that bad!

Renga Vasan says:

Let's take a moment to appreciate the effort they had put in and the creativity that designer had all these years. The kind of flexibility they had with css and js back then was so less. Truly great to see how the design has evolved over these years.

Gijsbert says:

"You don't want people to have to unnecessarily click this button just to get to the main site" ( 3:45 ), Websites now: "CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT COOKIES"

Daniel R. says:

Please make a tutorial for shitty 90s page.

brandchan says:

I started teaching HTML this semester and it is amazing to look back on how much stuff we can do in CSS when it used to have to be a graphic or JavaScript (or both).

Maria Rinderknecht says:

this is hilarious!

Castlemoyle Books says:

looking back on the internet archive at the last 20+ years for the main sites i administer I cringe. I tried or implemented many of the things you cover in this video. I just hope my sites look better now than they did then. (Although I thought they were pretty good then.)

Adam Emond says:

I miss boarders around everything hahah

Ololou Ololou says:

11. Long shadows (overused)
12. Neuromorphic design (you know why)

Mohsin Yamani says:

Thanks for the blast from the past!! Brings back a lot of memories…

abtin says:

the worst trend in some modern websites is loading spinners or progress bars while the site is loading

Vishal Maisuria says:

Parallex backgrounds. Hate them.

Jean-Francois Migne says:

"Assuming they are gonna click on the background to enter my site" Ahah love that! It's actually very healthy and smart to take the time to observe how trends come and go.

tmu trmn says:

This was good. Do TEN more, please 🙂

TheMarouuu says:

I have to disagree with most of the video, those trends were made in a different time with different resolutions and monitor sizes, and as another dude pointed out, no mouse scroll.

Webio Folio says:

Please review my channel at once. I just started my youtube channel in August 2020 and also suggest

Ярослав Дмитриев says:

Thanx, Gary!
Progress bars… I can but agree with you.
[leaving the room to delete them all out of the site]

a l says:

"Web 2.0" is about using user-generated content – facebook/youtube/forums etc.

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