2020 Portuguese Grand Prix: FP1 Highlights

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A new track posed plenty of challenges as the drivers got to grips with the picturesque Portimao circuit.

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Leonard Liem says:

Haasta la vista was very clever

ChikaTC says:

Hamilton 69 points ahead of Bottas? Nice

DV says:

Put Gasly in a better car and I bet he will be top 5 in no-time

daniel carvajal says:

Bottas is trash

E_Skill says:

”Haasta La Vista”… That’s cruel!

Vivek Krishnan says:

Everyone wants to see kvyat's turn…

wolfe1970 says:

As much as i like Hamilton's dominance i do wish he had some better competition, i guess we will have to wait until 2022 for that though, be nice to quell those haters about him not being one of the greatest drivers in recent times.

Erdem says:

"charles leclerc sandwiched by the 2 redbull"

most creative quote i have ever heard

Johan Sebastian Bach says:

No comments pelase.

TheRealGS says:

0:45 As a Spanish speaker, that pun pleased me.

Adam Preece says:

Why is giovanazi fighting for his f1 career?

mrjeudnews says:

No doubt that p1 is important but on this track it is essential to avoid the likely start chaos during first four turns. Just before turn 4 i expect many spins and possible collides. We are likely to see safety car for a few laps after the start. Turn 5 looks like it is simply for overtaking. But the most interesting for this track, so many climbs and downs, literally. I have never seen that many climbs and downs aligned with pit lane.

Ahmad Khalid Durrani says:

Vettel on11th only shows how fast Leclerc is. Imma go ahead and say that Leclerc is the fastest driver on the current grid.

Pangolin says:

Portimao: The Seb simulator

(acc love Seb)

y1521t21b5 says:

HAM is back at it again. Letting BOT do all the hard work in free practice…

Steev says:

I feel Bottas should win the grand prix.

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