2020 Portuguese Grand Prix: Drivers' Press Conference Highlights

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All the best bits from an eventful pre-race-weekend press conference in Portugal, as the drivers faced the questions at Portimao…

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xsteban TV says:

English: Seb, Do u think joining Aston Martin is a poker face's bet ?
Francais : Seb, crois-tu que joindre Aston Martin redonne du doré à ton image ?

Karpaslatka says:

So George is safe? Yeahhhh boiiiiiii

Lars Birkemose says:

I like that Grosjean's mask looks like a piece of french lingerie …

Sonathan says:

At the beginning of the season, media was speculating about Giovinazzi replacing Vettel mid-season, now their speculating about whether he'll stay in F1. Seems like too much speculation.

Gian Miguel LABOR Obierna says:

Why is there always an Ad before Kimi's segment.???

Thebassist Noeve says:

Checo seems so calmed and relaxed. He must be happy inside. I’d put all my money on him going to Red Bull.

Shut up says:

I really hope KMag gets a seat next year. He's been unlucky this year with the reliabity and brakes of the car. Still got some points under his belt too.

BL says:

George R: Sergio had a contract as well. Sober up !!!!!

Branko Fink says:

12:45 that question was ruthless

BL says:

Sergio and Kevin Mag. should be in seats in '21 !!!!! steiner at haas should be fired for keeping the incompetent grosjean as long as he did, and fire hiring him in the first place !

Branko Fink says:

Geez I just want Russell to get a better car

jockejocke1 says:

Valtteri: "Nothing has been won yet."

Mate, your team's won everything bruh

Halcyon XII says:

Latifi signed a contract as a track marshel

Ana Silva says:

2:56 what are you looking

Do you wanna be bought?

WingChun says:

I want to see Kimi win a championship at 51

Edmond vdW says:

Best for the end; Kimi RaikkoNEEEEEN !!!

Max P. says:

Poor Haas guys, they have commented 25 days on the news on the same day.

terenceramroop says:

Perez to Haas. If he goes to Williams it will be his career. Haas still has ties to Ferrari. Williams has no ties to any team.

Michael Murillo says:

Is that guy in a grey sweater or a grey bath robe?

thumpi duram says:

17:05 is lando trying to say explore to the maximun or exploit ????

Rafael BTC says:

Esse Vettel é muito fraco! Leclerc em media meio segundo mais rápido que ele sempre

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