Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

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In this video I discuss how losing weight has affected my breast milk supply. I am currently 5 months postpartum with a total weight loss of 30lbs and a gain of ABS! Lol. I forgot to mention I have also been eating and sticking to a meal plan that has INCREASED calories (not decreased as mnay people think you have to do when losing weight) in order to maintain my breastmilk supply! Finally, EVERYONE is different! Hormones, bodies, etc… This is just MY experience 🙂

Scripture of the Day: Philippians 4:19

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Love you with the love of God,
Avi & Lito + Ava


yadelska wynne says:

Hey love your family! Breastfeeding tip oatmeal is said to increase your milk supply so you are on the right track. Congrats to your baby girl

Chonea Arnott says:

Ava is so chill OMG!!

sexibliss says:

did you enocounter any post partum blues or ppd during your post partum journey?if so what did you do to overcome

Christine M says:

5 months EBF with no Formula!?! Bows

Moon M says:

Time for some hair ties pretty girl all that hair

taymarie24 says:

Question? Did you milk supply go up the older your baby got? I'm currently 1 month post partum and I produce 3-2 oz when I pump.

taymarie24 says:

She is too cute… I love that she is a happy baby just like you and Lito

ERICA Driven says:

Are u a vegan i just changed my diet to vegan im having the hardest time finding things to eat and etc. Trying to get this baby weight off me

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