The Mental & Emotional Hell of Living With Chronic Pain

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The mental and emotional effects of living day after day, year after year with chronic pain are very real and can a lot of times be just as bad or even worse than the actual physical pain. The inability to be WHO you want to be and do the things you love can really strain a persons identity and sense of self-worth.

Many of our clients have said one of the hardest parts of living in chronic pain is not knowing what is causing the pain, the feeling of randomness, and the resulting fear can lead to a feeling of powerlessness and is a mental emotional constant drain.

We created this video, to help those living with chronic pain, better communicate with their friends, family and loved ones, what it is they are living/going through.
If you are struggling to explain your situation, to your wife/husband, aunt/uncle, mom/father or even your child or grandchild, send them this video.
And then tell them what it is you need, it could be as simple as understanding and not being upset if you “say no” to going to the baseball game, concert or even a trip to the grocery store; it could simply be to please stop asking you “are you ok” and trust that you will tell them if there is anything you need.

SST offers both Virtual and In person Intensive chronic pain Treatment programs.
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supernataral girl says:

I'm 17 and I have been dealing with chronic pain for 4 years and the fact that I'm so young is the hardest part because no one believes me and tells me I'm just lazy or out of shape even tho I have to wear a series of different braces every day so it will be bearable. I'm so glad it's not just me going through this hell

Hillside Hermit says:

ive been suffering for many many years, drs just fobbed me off as just depressed and possible fibromyalgia hypothyroidism cfs lupus? i still don't know,i use to be a gardener and hardly earned much but really enjoyed my work,i was also a body builder and loved to do exercises and walk,now im bed bound and menial tasks totally exhaust me and are at times unbearable, the dwp disability payments have been stopped so it's going to court ,im a cripple and its getting me very down, ive had numerous accidents, multiple traumatic experiences since early childhood, and many beatings from ex partners, im now alone,life is a nightmare, i can't tidy or clean house, just tiny bits now and again,can't even shower or bath,i hope i win my appeal against the dwp (UK)

G S says:

What a neat lady. She gets it. How refreshing.

Biker Saif says:

Of physical pain you could only wish for one thing,that it should stop.In the Face of Pain there are no Heroes.

susan learned says:

when my daughter talked to her shrink re my pain. He told her I was trying to drag her into my pain world..All one has to do it look at her face to know shes living with her own chronic pain nightmare.

Viktor says:

Unspecified inflamation in the central neurological system. I am fucked. I don't understand how i gotten this far as i have. I finally have a job that i can handle, isch. We see how this goes. 2 weeks in, already stopped exercising. Too tired. 15 years of hell and going.

Michelle says:

I’ve got nerve pain and a bulging disc I’ve been bed bound for nearly 2 months now nothing is taking my pain away morphine wears of then the pain kicks in again theve stopped pain injections what did work sadly there not doing them anymore
I’ve got cancer as well that pain is unbearable and the sickness nobody understands nerve pain till they have it

kenmo6 says:

5 years and counting.

Max Skullic says:

you just told my life story, the pain, fear and hopelessness. I need help, I can't get it due to cost….. hell for me is everyday.

Randy Hanna says:

I'm trapped in this personal hell

Eli Sabayev says:

The story of my life.. I really don't anymore what to do and who to talk about it..

4KindnessGal says:

I am in therapy to cope with the never ending pain and no offense to her but she has not said anything that i have not heard on YouTube. Suffering is a torment.

I P says:

The only thing they diagnosed me with was the so called Fibromyalgia. These pains and associated symptoms have literally stopped me from living never mind all my other goals including studying, working, driving, travelling, earning a living. I am sat here crying at the dinner table having fallen asleep many times today. I have a multitude of issues which the GPs are continuously ignoring . I've blogged about it this morning if you would like to read

Patrick E says:

Sometimes it’s not even the pain but the reality that the pain will never ever get better or leave you once and for all, and the scary morbid thought of always being in a state of disability. Then when you look outward to other peoples happy healthy lives, it can incise you to your core. “Why Me” is the mental chorus that plays in your head. “Why Me…” That is what chronic pain is.

varsha rangwani says:

I can totally relate to this , but i fear to even share this . People might look at me differently, they might see this as a call for sympathy. And some might even say that i should stop wining about my pain. All i want is for people to i understand that i don't choose to live like this. I am living a certain way not being who i actually am and that bothers me every minute every second more than the pain itself. The only motivation i have is listening to my doctors ,try my best to come out of this loop and one day i ll be me again. 🙂

Susan Agins says:

I’ve been living with trigeminal neuralgia for nine years…..

Hasbeen says:

What a great description of my life. I have shared this to members of my family, I know they try but they cannot truly understand.

Lucas Sebastián says:

Chronic pain made me suicidal. I can't be what I wanted to be. This fucked up my life. Wish I were healthy again. Thanks for the video.

Jennifer Winters says:

I am in unimaginable pain. A surgeon maned me. There is no cure. The pain is constant.

Megpie B says:

Thank you so much for this:) im crying so bad tonight and have been isolating myself because so many don’t understand

Barry Woods says:

Only the people in chronic pain understands, so 99 % do not have the slightest knowledge. This is all about the pain making you lose you sanity. Thank God for this lady educating people to this immense suffering.

عابر سبيل says:

That was the story of my life with knee pain…

Woods Lisa says:

I am one of those people u speak about in this video. I live in Ontario Canada and I am not able to afford your sessions but I would really be able too. Being on an disability goverment pension is terribly hard.

Talloolah Moon says:


Barry Woods says:

Death is much easier.

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